November 30, 2007

my ellie grovers

We had such fun taking our Christmas pictures with our dearest Ellie Grover. She reminds me of my little sister. We started at Pete Jones:
my favorite picture of Finny

all my boys

Then we took a quick break at some hole in the wall and just so happened to get:
My favorite picture of Calvin ever. It helps that I LOVE CANDY!!

My sweetie took the love test and scored off the charts!

With a little daylight left, we headed over to the train tracks. It was semi-spooky and I never had so much fun--the boys are still talking about the trains. It was getting dark and the trains were on and rumbling. John and Ellie thought there was potential for danger, so we quickly snapped a few more shots:

Ellie took this picture of me and John while she was holding Ollie. She's quite the talent!

rocks anyone? Love this weird shot.

see the train lights on and notice the moon in the background?

I talked Ellie into crossing the tracks to this train with some fantastic graffiti on it. Ellie you are such a trooper!

Thank you, Thank you Ellie!!!!


  1. LOVE THEM! We took ours last night... I wish Samuel was strong enough to hold his little bobble-head up though, it is hard to get good shots of them when they are still so small...

    Is it possible that Ollie is getting even more darling every stinking day!?!?

    Beautiful family!!!

  2. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. I love the super hero shirts that everyone is wearing.

  3. Davi, you're so creative! What a cute theme for pictures! And, of course, Ellie did a breathtakingly beatuiful job!

  4. D, they look amazing! Love em-- particularly the one of Calvin on the very top of your site. He looks so stinkin' cute and happy!

  5. Oh my gosh, I'm freaking out. These are incredible. Yay Ellie! But let me just say that you all look amazing and you get the credit for that! :)

  6. you and super family are just DARLING! I guess it was worth risking your lives in the ghetto huh???=)
    too fun!

  7. Davi, they came out great! I love them all! I'll start saving my pennies for when we're out in August. We need us some Ellie pictures for our Christmas cards!

  8. I CANNOT get over these pictures! LOVE the super heros!!