September 20, 2008

creatures of habit and Sparks

For the last couple of weeks, this is pretty much the sight I wake up to EVERY single morning. 

My boys are total creatures of habit. They are obsessed with this living room couch. It is super wide and very comfy. They love to play behind the pillows, which drives me a bit crazy.  But it makes an incredible baptism tank, from what I hear. 

They line up their animals to watch the baptism, every day.

And I found this announcement in their bulletin, for their little congregation....
something about Finn and Calvin and baptize. 

From my room I hear Finn's little voice squeaking "ladies and gentlemen...''

Honestly, I don't really know what they are thinking, and I should probably discuss how special and important baptism is, and how it's not a game. Finn will probably get it.

I'm just so groggy in the morning--the most I can handle that early is helping the boys recite their AWANA verses at breakfast.

Finn is so completely absorbed in Sparkies these days. I am as thrilled as can be that I have a little mini-me, as I was completely devoted to AWANA as a kid. I find Finn's little pictures of Sparky all around the house. 

John practically has to pry me off the premises each time we go to AWANA. And I always return half an hour later, so I can watch the games. Finn once told me "I run faster than my AWANA leader". At first I was a bit confused. Then I realized she must have been helping him run around the circle, because sometimes he gets confused:) 

They are having parent's night at AWANA this coming week, and I am COMPLETELY AS STOKED AS CAN BE. On the way home from AWANA the other night I was raising my hand wildly, telling John "I want to go, I want to go!" He looked at me like I was nuts and said "Go! I want as far away from *this* as possible"(By *this* he was referring to my over-the-top ridiculously, enthusiastic voice). 

I get to say all of Finn's verses for extra AWANA bucks and get to do the games. I will for sure keep you posted. Cuz I'm sure you are dying to hear ALL about it...


  1. I love the pictures you take of your boys! :) Our couch is usually a train or a baptismal yet though.

    I love AWANAS to but our old church doesn't offer it any more and our new church has a different program. Have fun at parents night for both of us OK? :)

  2. Hahaha... I love that! Especially that they made a bulletin about it. Hehe. Cute!!
    Logan has been really into Sparky too lately... actually he keeps insisting that he IS Sparky and that all the stories are about HIM. Haha. I love it too, but this is my first experience with AWANA!! I never went when I was a kid, but I'm loving watching them!! Our Parent Night isn't for months!! No fair! lol

  3. Your boys are SO cute and imaginative! I didn't do Awanas when I was lil either and have REALLY been wanting to find some where for my lil ones to go!

  4. I loved Awana, too...but I never memorized my verses. I just wanted to hang out with my friends and play games...I'm paying for it now b/c I don't have a lot of scripture memorized. Have fun at parents' night!!

  5. LOL!!! What are the green things coming out of Sparky's arms? And who is the giant dog in the baptismal? Cute post, miss the boys so much!

  6. OH so cute! I love Awana too, totally! I'm the T&T Girls Director at our church so I'm pretty immersed. LOL How cool is it that Sparkie gets to fly now??

  7. Your boys are so cute. At least Finn didn't try to baptize his stuffed toy in the toilet. My mom had a friend who's daughter tried that!

  8. I remember you and Awana! I always wanted you on my team. Doesn't it seem like ages ago??? I still remember a lot of the verses and the Awana Store was always awesome!

  9. so fun davi! I love that part of you that is so uber excited and child like.

    I got my card and picture in the mail tonight and it brighten my fridge. I love you BF!

  10. I think it is wonderful that they are so interested in baptism! I never played games like that as a kid. I LOVED AWANA as a kid though =)

  11. I laughed so hard at their "baptism"-- that is just too great. :)

    I am so excited for my kids to get into AWANA-- we will be starting next year, because I wasn't quite ready to give up Wednesday night choir with the hubby yet this year. But with what Kourtni has told me about it, as well as many other people, I know it will be well worth it!

  12. Their baptism is super cute and you know what, I don't think God would be upset with them at all for having their own ceremony with their stuffed animals! ;-)

    And AWANAs ROCKS!!!! Loved it as a kid too so I can totally relate to your excitement! And his pictures of Sparky are too much!

  13. First super funny we heard that message too, but unfortunately caught it at the tail end.

    I agree with your first part; in my family we don't really fit into the traditional molds fully but in part.

    Anyhow I was at The Bridge with my family-The Kings, anyhow this was two sundays ago and I was able to meet some of barbs friends and fellow bloggers, and I saw you and one of your boys from a distance and so wanted to meet you guys, but obviously didn' maybe next time! :)