September 10, 2008

poloroid lives on

Have you heard the rumors that poloroid may go extinct?

Well, you can rest assured that poloroid is still going strong over here:

Finn carefully inspects his subject, and then stealthily draws a sketch.

He then grabs his camera,

and aims at his subject: one, two, three, click...

He then reaches behind his back and slyly retrieves his pre-drawn sketch. 

Voila! Poloroid!

Finn also has the new Canon 50D.

And for a small fee, he will even frame the picture for you.

Got enough tape, Finn?

Perfect for beautifying your hallways.
Sorry about the grainy photo. My hallway is like a death corridor it is so dimly lit. I was the one who insisted on the little chandeliers that give off 5watts...


  1. Maybe Lorie and I could use you guys for second shooting?? As for the lighting in the last pic...I thought you did that on purpose in photoshop...? Looks like it was done on purpose, good job, you're not suppose to say it was a mistake...."yah I meant to give it the grain, and antique look" (rolls eyes)


  2. Sweet! Isn't funny to see them copying the things we do?

  3. But what cute little chandaliers they are!

  4. You can never have too much tape, right??? :)

  5. Look at the detail he put into those frames! He must be very articulate! Does he start school next year? I love how little boys copy their mommies =) Have you read Bringing Up Boys by Dr. Dobson yet? You really should, it is great! And you have lots of boys! I can let you borrow it if you would like =)

  6. DL.
    we would be honored to even just carry your camera bags:)

    and LOL about the antique look. yah....i meant to do that...

    and angela, i hear that book is great. you'd have thunk i read it already, but NO! i would love to borrow it!

  7. Oh, I'm sure they are the cutest chandeliers ever...sometimes sacrifices are necessary! And I love Finn's hand-crafted frames! Will he be selling those?!? ;-)

  8. RAD=) that boy never ceases to amaze me.

    and um, I yearning for a porch day....maybe next week?????

  9. so cute and so creative! i love it!

  10. How cute... loving the frames. I need some frames about now, will you contract him out? hehe.

  11. Oh I love it- I especially love that you put their pictures up in the hallway. = )