September 25, 2008

Parents' Night

We have not taken the boys to Disneyland yet. I can't wait to take them one day. In the meantime, this will just have to suffice.

When I told the boys that Cubby and Sparky would be at AWANA, Finn started talking about how Sparky was going to fly all over the room. I did not want to burst his bubble, but I did try warn him. When we got home, I asked Finn, "Sooo, what did you think of Cubby and Sparky?"

Finn said happily,  "I thought they were silly. I think Sparky was just a person in a costume, because REAL Sparkies fly."

I did try to warn him.

All in all, parents' night was a lot of fun. Here is friend Dylan with his lovely mama Christina.

Finn had been quite the stickler with me all week while we practiced our verses. When I would pause to think for 1 microsecond, he was ALL over me:

"What mommy? Why are you stopping? Don't you remember your verses? Or did you just stop because you had food in your mouth?", he interrogated.

Thankfully, when we got there, I as able to say my verses without putting Finn, and the whole family, to shame.

And he was even more concerned about Calvin. That day, while Calvin was practicing his verse, he kept saying "...Give Him the name OF Jesus...", instead of just "...Give Him the name Jesus..." 

Finn and I both tried to correct Calvin, but the poor thing just shut down and refused to say his verse anymore. Calvin kept saying "I don't know..."

I reassured Calvin that he was saying it just fine.

Finn, on the other had, had no mercy. On the way to drop Calvin off at Cubbies, Finn told John, "We can't let Calvin go in there and say "...Give Him the name OF Jesus..."

I definitely have my work cut out for me. I will have to think of how to get Finn over these hang-ups.

Finn is already coaching Ollie and taking him under his wing. He figures that although it may be too late to save Calvin, he still had a fighting chance with Ollie.

Here is the cubby vest he made for Ollie, complete with Hopper patch.

Here is Ollie, modeling his new look.

Finn also made him a hand bag.

I hope Ollie doesn't crack under all this pressure!


  1. I love how creative your boys are...and it sure does sound like Finn has that birth order thing down, huh? =)

    LOVE your pictures...wanna come to KS and take some for me??

  2. hahahahah :) these boys are superfuncute!

  3. Hee hee- Finn is cracking me up- he is quite motivated!
    Cute picture of Ollie with his bag and uniform. So cute that they made him an outfit :)

  4. Thank you for you kind comments on my blog and prayers!!! So appreciated and very humbling to know that people I have never met are kind enough to pray for us!

    I am helping my friend at Awanas this year at our church, it's my first experience with it and it is really cute! The kids have a blast. Sounds like your kiddos are way into it, so awesome!

  5. Finn is hysterical, but we can't discourage Gege.Oh boy. Ollie looked adorable in the get-up. Can't wait to come up:)

  6. So fun! and yes, the pictures are BEAUTIFUL! are you using an action of sorts cause all your skin looks PERFECT.

    love you dear. last night was just what I needed.

  7. Oh, Ollies outfit is just tdf! He is going to make the handsomest cubbie ever! I love it!

  8. Where do you take your kids to Awana? My sister would love to have Ethan join. What are the ages?

  9. Looks like parent night was a success! Can you have Finn come train Aubrey and Brogan to be as independent and creative as he is? :)

  10. how CUUUTE that Finn made Ollie his own little vest! Love it. And that look on Ollie's face... oh man, that is perfect. :)

    sounds like AWANAS is wonderful, and parent's night was perfect. At least you remembered all those verses, especially for Finn's sake! lol

    We're taking our kids to Disneyland for the first time in October!! And I am so excited!! I hope that you get to take your boys someday soon. I think it's going to be WONDERFUL.

  11. I NEVER once thought about Sparky FLYING!! I'm a RETARD sometimes! You've got a super smart and CREATIVE kidd-o on your hands! Maybe he's gonna be a preacher or something since he's such a stickler for precise verse memorization! HEHE!

  12. I'm going to delurk now. I've followed Talia, Kourtni, and my SIL Angela over here to your blog. :) Your boys are adorable. My little boy just started Cubbies and loves it! I wonder if the Awana program we go to has a parents' night!? That sounds like so much fun! Us moms end up practicing the verses with the kids so it must have been so cool for you to go and say a verse! :)

    Oh, and I was going to comment on your baptism pictures. My sisters and I played that all the time in the bath tub and our wading pool, LOL! My dad is a pastor and he never seemed to care.

    Now that I'm leaving a book of a comment, I will try to stop being so shy and comment more often. :)

  13. Awww! I want Parent Night now!! lol. Tomorrow night is "Crazy Hair Night" for the Sparks. Logan informed me that he wants "blue spikey hair"... so we'll see if that ends up happening. I'm glad you had fun at Parent Night!!!!!