November 16, 2008

the contest

They tried. Finn and Calvin really, really tried to instill proper kitty etiquette into their younger brother. And at first, it really did look like all their efforts were paying off. Ollie was finally starting to pay proper respects to his tan stuffed kitty. 

Until it came along. 

What the heck is this thing anyway?

A fox? A feline creature of sorts? I am not sure. 

It is tiny and plastic and positively hideous. 

And Ollie loves it.

He had tons of fun putting it in and out, in and out, of the green frog boot.

For some reason, Ollie's preference toward this plastic toy really unsettled me. 

The next day, I decided to stage a contest to see once and for all, which "kitty" Ollie really liked better. So I placed the two critters side by side.

I brought Ollie straight into the room and placed him directly in front of both animals. The tiny plastic toy is quite small and honestly I really did not even think he would see it.

Ok, off he goes...

Which one is he gonna pick?????

Oh, this is not looking good.

Poor, dejected stuffed kitty:(

And Ollie emerges victoriously with his prized possession clenched in his fist once again.

At least it is a cat of sorts


  1. Poor kitty. Hopefully Kitty will get some attention soon.

    Micah loves little plastic animals or people too! I think it's fun to them that it's SO little. I can't figure out why carrying around a Little People version of Noah is entertaining, but Micah loves the guy.

  2. How cute! I love it when kids start having favorite toys. I am SO glad I got to meet you and Ollie! Now I can say I know you in real life.

  3. that is hilarious... since Cora was 3 months old she has been attached to "things". first it was a doll that my sister gave her, than a marie blanket "from the aristocats" now she has her green blanket, a princess blanket and bobo "george the monkey". she clings onto them like they were going to float away and never come back. she says "my blanky, prin blanky, bobo". its so funny how attached our little ones can be to inadament objects, funny and very precious :D

    Hope you are feeling alot better than you have been.... keeping you in our prayers.

  4. Aww... poor stuffed kitty. Our kids love anything that's miniature sized. I'm not sure what the fascination is, but if it's small, they like it. I love Ollie's pjs! Too cute!!!

  5. hehe. It looks like something Lindsay would have liked. I can just see it in that basket in her room, with the smurfs and other animal treasures.

    Ollie's the cutest little thing!

  6. bahaaaa! maybe the ugly kitty has a really good heart on the inside...just maybe? :)

  7. where did this little creature come from?

  8. A little baby in pj's...ohhh I just want to squeeze him!

    I am laughing so hard at this. You staged a contest. How adorable! Well, maybe the poor, dejected kitty can be adopted by one of his "Uncles" who seem to be into their kitties...???? =)

  9. adorable! well stuffed kitty is in the right home at least, i am sure he will at least receive good foster care if not adoption. i love seeing the things such little people decide to love. precious.

  10. Ollie is so, so, so, SO, so adorable!! I love his sweet little face and big eyes, and I love his cute little hands!

    I feel sorry for poor, neglected tan kitty, but Ollie's preference for the hideous fox/cat creature is precious and hilarious. You did your best to make things right for tan kitty - just know that you tried, and there is nothing more that you can do. Reassure tan kitty that it isn't his fault, and then embrace the reality of Ollie's preference for fox/cat. It's all that you can do.

  11. I think he is just not a follower! He knows what he likes =) Did you make his PJ's? Your kids always have the cutest clothes?!

  12. first of all, he SO CUTE. I just want to kiss him!
    Isn't it so funny what kids will get attached to? For quite a while Annabelle was carrying around this tiny little stuffed puppy that came in a kid's meal!! Forget all the other CUTE things she had... it had to be that ridiculous happy meal toy. At least she got over it eventually. :) They definitely have little minds of their own!

    Guess what, I'm actually kind of chicken about bunkbeds too, but we literally had NO CHOICE. Our bedrooms are teeny tiny and with the new one on the way there were just no other options. So far so good though-- no broken arms or anything. :)
    Have you thought about a trundle bed maybe? We considered that, since it doesn't require all the climbing, but we didn't really have the space to pull it out each night. :(

    I hope you get your energy back soon too, dear!! It's good that you're taking looong naps. Enjoy it while you can, right? :) hopefully you are at least feeling a bit better...

  13. good grief, I always leave the longest comments...

  14. That is cute your boys love kitties! Who needs superheros when you can play with a soft, lovable, kitty!

    Oh this is a new blogger address I have too, I'm starting from scratch a new one.

  15. no mommy diffee, i did not make the jammies. Lorie got them from baby gap and gave them to us as a shower gift.