November 12, 2008

other wings

Finn fixates on page 102 of his Sparky book. 

He is always talking about his wings and his jewels and likes to draw pictures of them on pretend AWANA vests. A few nights back, we had a conversation where I literally had no idea WHAT the boy was talking about. He kept asking about "the other wings". I kept telling him that he only got one set of wings. There were no "other wings".

And he continued talking about the other wings, until I was completely frustrated, and gave up on the conversation.

A couple of minutes later, he drew me these alleged "other wings".
Finn explained, "You draw a rectangle and then a thing on top. There are tan wings and gray wings and they have lots of jewels".

And the light bulb finally went off in my head. I now understood "the other wings" he was referring too.

I said, "Oh, Finn, you mean the bronze and silver CROWNS that the older sparkies have." ( I guess they changed things and now have wings instead of crowns, but the older kids still have crowns).

I couldn't believe it. All this time Finn had been scoping out the other kid's vests. I was much too oblivious at age 5 to notice such things. 


  1. Oh AWANA...that just took me back. Good times! He is so observant!

  2. That is adorable.... and I love his drawings! Logan just got his wings last night, and he was VERY excited.
    I saw this on Oprah when I was having insomnia at 11 last night and I had to pass it on to you since you have artwork children too!! LOL...
    It's free until the end of today! I am planning to scan in my kids' artwork and order one for myself!!

  3. wow, he is really into AWANA... it's so neat! So funny that he has "wing envy". :)

  4. OH MY GOSH. I love that boy.

    And I TOTALLY remember having big kid crown envy. all those jewels...but alas I did and still do stuck at memorization. So I never had many jewels=)

    oh I did the snapfish book last night, careful cause I got charged for mine. So I sent a frustrated email to the company. CAUSE I DON'T HAVE $30 TO PAY FOR SOMETHING I ONLY DID BECAUSE IT WAS FREE!!!!!

  5. His art work is amazing! So colorful and detailed!

  6. OK, your boys are amazingly creative! Wow! I love it.