January 14, 2009


I love the little quirks that come with each stage of the boys' life. It's the random things that seem so unimportant or common at the time. Like when Finn used to pluralize everything. He does not do that anymore, but Calvin does. He said his cubby verse to John yesterday, "Love yours neighbor as yourself". John said "Gosh, he's not going to be doing that for much longer". It's only when you look back on these things that you realize how fleeting that little time was.

Ollie's latest quirk has been picking up jeans off of the floor and hugging them to his face. Here he is a few nights ago, just after his bath, snuggling with an old pair of jeans.

At first I wondered why on earth Ollie would snuggle with jeans, when I slaved over making him handmade blankets. Then my sister and I decided it must be related to the fact that all of those blankets were made with denim pockets and squares:

his first drum blanket

his Popeye blanket

his superhero blanket

Poor Ollie is just a bit confused by it all. He figures that any old pair of jeans is similar enough to one of this blankets:)

Finn's latest quirk occurs at the kitchen table. He eats like a ravenous wolf these days and is always making requests for more food. I ask him what he would like to eat. He responds with something like,"it start with the letter a", trying to make me guess what he wants. It kind of drives me a nuts, playing these mind games. Today he tortured me with "it starts with the letter c..." Then he ran off and delivered me this little note:

Maybe he was too scared to ask me for a cookie out loud. Either way, I was glad that I did not have to read his mind this time!

Calvin's latest quirk is hiding with Finn right before his nap time.

In the same exact hiding place every single day.

Behind the couch.

And they think it is just hysterical that I try to tag their feet with my yardstick, under the couch. I guess it's becoming our strange little ritual.

They might be weirdos, but they are my little weirdos. And I will always remember these stages with the fondest of memories.


  1. OIMGOSH i LOVE the pics under the couch AMAZING.

    love you friend. hope you're feeling more yourself!

  2. What fun memories about your boys! I love the picture under the couch, too. One of my favorite pictures of our first "kids" (the dogs) is of them peeking out at us under the fence. sorry - hope you don't think I just compared your boys to my dogs. =)

  3. Someday you will be SO GLAD that you documented these cute little quirks so carefully! You'll read back and think, "oh wow, I forgot all about that!" Sweet memories come flooding back . . . ahhhh, it's so GOOD to be a Mommy!!

  4. your weirdos are awesome, i love it!
    it was *so* good to see you! lets do it again sometime :o)

  5. Those couch pictures are seriously PRICELESS! Miss you! Hopefully we can get together when our move is all done!

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  7. Oooh.. I just love this post. Your kids are so cute... and I'm glad you're writing all of this down!! By the way... Logan is eating a TON these days too. It's amazing to me. Sometimes he eats like a little bird, and the next day he's wolfing down food like he's starving to death. Must be growing. lol.

  8. couch pictures = perfection:)

    i'm glad I read this today. Makes me remember I need to sit down and document all the funny little quirks right this second or I'm going to forget them and be sad I did.

    you have beautiful children, that Ollie is looking so grown up!

  9. They are just so precious! Seriously, I love the cuddling of the jeans!

  10. So cute and sweet...as usual!

  11. All of your boys are so cute! Their quirks are part of what make them special. My kids have been eating a bunch too! I wonder if they are growing or just putting on some "winter fat". ;)
    Finn impresses me so much with his writing!! He is one smart cookie.

  12. That is so cute that you poke them underneath the couch! Sam likes to poke his finger underneath the door and giggles like mad when I grab his hand underneath. :)

    Hope you are feeling better... can't wait to see your new gray paint! Did you like the second one better??? I'm STILL painting... nearly done, I just do an hour or two a night so it is taking FOREVER! :)

  13. I was reading through your posts (FINALLY getting caught up!) and thinking to myself how wonderful it is that you are capturing all these funny little phases and "quirks" your boys are going through. They are so delightful, and it's going to be so fun to look back and remember them all someday!!
    I love the yardstick routine... too cute. :)
    The under-couch pictures are wonderful in every way-- great shots!
    I hope you're feeling better...