January 29, 2009

when daddy comes home

I sooooo used to envy John's ability to nap wherever, whenever. Even with his head in a laundry basket. 

However, with this pregnancy, I am so energetic-less, you can now find me nodding off behind the wheel of my sewing machine at any given moment.

Or I just lay down in bed to close my eyes for one minute and then, Bam! 2 hour nap.

Yes, now I strive for awakeness as my main goal in life. It's pretty sad, actually.

Except last night I tossed and turned til 2am. What's up with that? Ah yes, I distinctly remember Jessica asking me what my boys would wear to Aunt Lindsay's wedding this May. Freak out moment. Baby is due in May too.

And at 1am I remembered the perfect shirt I saw a month or so ago on clearance by my absolute favorite boy's dress shirt company--Roar USA.

Here's the shirt I have my eye on. It would go perfect with the grey and white pin-stripe shorts or pants they already have and also would be good for Easter.

If you look close, you can see that their shirts have fun detail.

But, it was sold out today at my favorite store and nobody seems to sell them anywhere.

However, I am determined to sleep tonight, regardless of the fact that my boys are clothes-less for the wedding in May! Deep breaths....

**ammendment** found the above shirt online, on sale too:)


  1. OMG! That shirt is so cute! Try e-bay. Keep looking because that is stinkin' adorable!

  2. Aww, cool! The boys are gonna look so cute! (as always)

  3. I cannot believe your husband fell asleep like that... TOO FUNNY! :)

    I hear you on the sleeping thing. Just this morning I laid down "for a minute" while the kids watched a little TV and lo and behold it turned into a 45-minute nap...

    adorable shirts! You must be SO excited for your sister's wedding! :)

  4. Davi you always crack me up! First of all I love the picture of your husband sleeping in the basket ... perfect! Second you make me feel so normal when you talk about losing sleep over such trivial little things ... I have been losing sleep trying to decide what kind of Valentines cards I am going to send this year, and if I should modify my chocolate covered cherries recipe to make the chocolate last longer!!! And third I empathize with the complete loss of energy ... I fell asleep at work the other day ... face on the keyboard ... complete humiliation! Thanks for sharing your fun little world with us!