January 4, 2009

a very Nemo Christmas

In my entire life, I have never written a Christmas list. Never, ever. So I have no idea where Finn got the idea to make one of his own.

Translation: THESUS WUT FINN WOTS FLR KRESMES = This is what Finn wants for Christmas.

Basically, he wants a bunch of Nemo toys.

And Finn, of course, takes Calvin's list into his own hands(THE SIS WUT CALVIN WOTS...=This is what Calvin wants)

In case you cannot tell, Calvin want a bunch of sea turtles on the East Australian Current.

So my boys wanted Nemo loot for Christmas. No big surprise. Do you know how hard it is to find Nemo toys locally?

I had to get some on ebay. I was shocked to see the vicious bidding wars for stuffed Nemo toys. Hasn't Nemo been out for 5 years? I guess Nemo is still very popular. I eventually won some bids and was so excited to surprise the boys.

On Christmas Eve, my cousin's in-laws generously gave my boys some gifts, including a Nemo book. Finn carefully studied each page.

He then informed me, "We need to sew my Nemo's fin. It's not small enough", he said pointing at Nemo's lucky fin in the book. I was wondering when he was going to notice that his Nemo knock-off was not the real deal. Then Finn went on, "and Calvin's sea turtle is not the right color and has the wrong kind of shell. You need to get him a real Squirt for Christmas".


Here are a few other pictures from that evening. I was pretty lazy about taking shots that night.

Later that night, I gave Finn and Calvin their authentic Nemo and Squirt animals. Calvin threw his old turtle to the side and said "this is trash" and Finn promptly donated his old Nemo to Ollie. It was pretty brutal. Keep in mind that just seconds earlier, these were the boys' most treasured possessions.

And of course I saw the whole thing coming ahead of time...sort of. I just thought their knock-offs would play second fiddle. I had no idea they would be so callously discarded. Needless to say, they LOVE their new toys.

My mom got Calvin this hilarious new turtle backpack.Check out our new Crush.

Lindsay also got them some Nemo figurines and some Monster's Inc dolls.

I got Ollie some bristle blocks. Mainly for me to play with. I am obsessed with those things.

And this year, for our end-of-the-year-discount-Hallmark-Keepsake's-ornament-tradition, John found the boys a set of Nemo ornaments. Perfectly sums up our stage of life!


  1. Too precious!

    Every time I read about your boys I get excited about Micah growing up - it's a good change from the wanting him to stay little forever thing that I battle with mostly!

  2. You can't pull the wool over Finn's eyes for long- remember that:)

  3. Hey Finn's good with his writing! Loving that he knew the imitation LOL. What a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Adorable as always!! :) Your boys are very observant! I was horrible at taking pictures this Christmas. Yours are so cute!

  5. Davala! That is soooo Funny!!!

  6. Jamie! Start a blog, pretty please???

  7. Hilarious! Ella made a list too, including asking for a puppy. Puh-lease!