May 26, 2009

4 girls and 4 boys

As I was driving around town yesterday, I was struck by the reality that in less than one week, my younger sister Lindsay would be getting married. Crazy! (Speaking of which, did anyone watch that Newlyweds show on tv last night? Whoa! 2 words: Train wreck. My favorite player was the larger guy who complained that the other couples were too skinny...he complained "doesn't anyone here eat burgers?" and "am I the only one who has to hide his stomach with his pillow"?). I digress.

In honor of Lindsay's wedding, I was driving to purchase my first pair of spanx. They do help some, but less face it. I still look like I just had a baby. And that's ok, at least for now. I feel better that at least I am trying to look presentable for Lindsay's big day.

And my sister Jessica and her family drove in from out of state for the big wedding. Jessica and her girls were able to scoot up here for a quick visit.
Here is a photo of us last summer. 4 girls & 3boys

And less than one year later...4 girls &4 boys.

The main difference being Twain... and my couch!

This was Auntie Jessica's first time meeting Tweetle.

Except that instead of calling him Tweetle, she kept calling him Twinkie! I thought that was cute, considering how teensy he is.  So take your pick--Tweetle or Twinkie.

Here is Emily with my candy machine.

Tacy is drawing me a beautiful picture of a bird. She's quite the art-eest.

Little Ansley is playing with Ollie. They are 4 months apart in age.

I bought a new slip-n-slide for them all to play on. I wanted the kids to have the best time ever. 

Precious little Kate kept insisting that Calvin was her brother. She's quite the little spit-fire.

While I was feeding Twain in my room, she came in and sat cross-legged and started making conversation. She is SUCH a character. I tried to convince her to come live with me, but to no avail. She has quite the unswerving devotion to my sister. I tried to bribe her to stay with candy, but she said politely replied, "no thanks, you only have yellow candy in your machine."

Goodness. I knew I should have re-stocked my candy machine.

The worker at Target convinced me to buy this sprinkler/ball popper.

I must say, it's been a BIG hit around here.

We had so much fun Jess! We can't wait to see you all again in just 4 short days.


  1. What beautiful families you two have. A perfect complement to each other's!

  2. Her girls are so beautiful! As are your boys as we've already established. Have a great time at the wedding!

  3. WOW so much adorableness in one place! you both have such lovely families.
    Oh and I used the spanx at my sister's wedding less than 3 months after Sabine was born and I like to think they helped...if nothing else they helped my self-esteem:)
    have fun at the wedding.

  4. I have seen quite a few pictures of you post baby and you look great! It's always us who are hardest on ourselves, so don't dwell on it. :)

  5. I love it - 4 girls - beautiful girls and 4 handsome boys.... that is so great.

    can't wait to see wedding pics :) and you do look really good - as always my dear :)

  6. How fun!!!
    Beautiful babies!!

  7. Your families are adorable and I can't believe you have a four boys/four girls cousin situation! Too cute! LET'S TALK ABOUT THOSE CHEEZ-ITS THOUGH! GENIUS! I want some NOW. N.O.W.

  8. Oh, how I always love seeing pics of you and Jess with all of your beautiful children! I thought that I couldn't love last year's picture anymore than I already did, but I love this year's picture (with Twain!) even more! The Lord has blessed both of you with such an incredible relationship, and with such beautiful children!

    And I'm excited to get a sneak peak of Jess and the girls before we get to see them in person - I can't wait to see 'em! Jess, if you're reading this, you look absolutely bee-u-tee-ful! I love the picture of you holding Twain - so pretty!

  9. And since you have the four boys, and Jess has the four girls, I think that Lindsay should add two of each to the mix. I like even numbers. ;-P

  10. What wonderful memories these cousins will have! And now that your other sister will be getting married, she can start producing her even mix of boys and girls ;)

  11. I swear I didn't read the comment before mine until after I posted. Great minds think alike.

  12. so so so fun! LOVE the sprinkler pictures! and stink I missed yet ANOTHER opportunity to meet the famous jessica!

  13. I LOVE the updated picture, your sis is just as adorable as you are! And you both make such fun loving little tikes! GREAT PICTURES! And have fun at the wedding, can't wait to see the pictures!

  14. So happy to see pics of that day and can't wait to see all the cousins together! :)
    Hee hee, you guys are too funny, if only there were some way I could be sure to get an even number! :)

  15. these are so much fun! i LOOOOOVE how many kids there are between the two of you!!
    all the kids are so attractive you all have such good genes.
    good luck with the spanx im sure youll look fabulous.
    and umm i really really want to play with that water ball popper!
    i love finn holding twain

  16. What are the odds of you having 4 boys and your sister having 4 girls?! So fun!! And ALL of the kiddos and completely adorable!!!

  17. I meant ARE completely adorable... :)

  18. I just LOVE how it worked out that you have 4 girls and you have 4 boys. Perfect!! Beautiful children, all of them.

    How exciting that your sister is getting married so soon! What a wonderful time that will be.

    I got me some spanx. They do help. If nothing else, they lessen the amount of jiggling. :)

  19. oh my goodness, how fun!! I can't wait until my brother's start having babies and our kids can play together, so cute!!!
    I love the picture from last year compared to this one, aww!!!!