May 5, 2009

Arrival of Twain Part 2

I breathed a huge sigh of relief and smiled when I heard my baby squawking like a little barnyard animal. It was precious. Thank you Lord!

And the next moment is the part I'd waited 9 months for. The gender. If I could stop time and bottle that feeling of anticipation, I'd be a millionaire. There is nothing like it and I didn't want it to ever end. It's the only thing that got me through this sterile and unnatural c-section.

The suspense was killing me.

I wanted to know.

I didn't want to know.

I wanted to know.

I took a deep breath.

They showed our baby to John, who chuckled and said "no big surprise here!" as they made the announcement "It's a Boy!"

I heard the doctors and techs all snickering,"Four boys...Just like Dr. T!"

And for the record, I allegedly said,

"Lord have mercy on us all!"

Holy Cow. Four boys.

Hi. My name is Davi and I have 4 sons.

My mind could not even begin to wrap itself around this new reality.You'd think I would be used to hearing this by now! I always suspected that John's girl swimmers were blanks and now I knew for sure. Though in all reality, I should not be so hard on them, considering that we never actually tried the recipe for a girl.

Now most girls I know might not have taken this news so well. But keep in mind, as a kid, I'd always wanted to run a home for little orphan boys. Though, I must admit, it would have been fun to dress a girl Pippi-style:)

I craned my neck to peek at my baby as they leaned him in toward me. Along with the aforementioned chubby cheeks, he had a shocking mane of dark hair. Our little dark horse. I could not wait to get my hands on that fun and wild hair.

I kissed his worried little face and wished I could console his furrowed brow, but they whisked him away with John, leaving me all alone.

I looked pleadingly at my anesthesiologist, who then administered my long awaited happy drug. The next hour is a complete blur.

Back in triage, I slowly gained more awareness.

Awareness to the fact that I could NOT wiggle my toes for the life of me, no matter how hard I tried.

And awareness of the fact that I could not stop shaking, no matter how hard I tried.

Like before, I was so hot and so cold. The nurse kept putting warm blankets on me, which made me feel even worse.

I vaguely remember asking how my baby was doing.

They called NICU, and I spoke to the nurse.

"Is he ok?", I asked.

The nurse said, "His breathing is a little off. We don't think he's quite full term yet. We are going to be monitoring him for a while."

I was so bummed, but understood. This was the price I had to pay for doing an early c-section. The only reason we did it early was because I had a history of my water breaking early, and we did not want me to rupture.

My shaking continued and after 3 hours, I still could not feel my toes at all. I started to panic. Was I paralyzed? The logical side of my brain reminded me that I would be ok, but I still thought I was going to lose my mind.

The door opened, and much to my surprise, a nurse appeared, holding my baby. I heard her asking if the mother wanted to feed her baby.

I was still a shaking mess. Could I handle this?

"I want to try feeding him", I bravely declared.

I inquired again on his breathing. And they said in the nicest way possible, "he's breathing like a wimpy white boy, but if he latches on to eat, we think he'll be ok".

With my arms shaking, I reached out to feed my boy.

He instantly latched on like a barracuda. This boy could suck, no doubt about that.

And I was thrilled beyond belief.

And all of a sudden, my whole body stopped shaking and I could wiggle my toes.

It was like magic. All I needed was my baby to snap me out of it.

As John and I gazed at our son, we called him by name.(photo by Lorie)
Welcome to our crazy little world, Twain Orion.

more pictures to come.


  1. Such a beautiful story! There's nothing like the birth of a baby, a precious miracle from God! You're such a great mom, Davi. Twain is one lucky boy!

  2. um has some one been re-touching my pictures?
    te hehehehehe... I love you so much.
    What an honor to capture those precious moments with you, with your brand spanking new son. To hear his name. To see you in the haze and happiness of new life. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

    love you dear friend.

  3. What a beautiful picture!! I'm so glad that little Twain is healthy and that Mom can once again wiggle her toes! :) I'm dying to know how you picked his name...maybe in Part3?!

  4. No matter how many times I watch Baby Story on TV I cry when they deliver the baby. Every stink'n time! You can bet I was crying when you got to the part where the nurse brought Twain in to you! Great story. Happy ending. I pray you all six live happily ever after.

  5. soo precious :)
    4 cool is that!?
    Um..must see more pics!

  6. yes, welcome to the world, lil' twain! you are just precious & already adored by so many! oh, and that mommy of yours is such an awesome writer! a book maybe? yes, i think so :) xo.

  7. Oh've got me sniffling. What an amazing picture of you, John and baby Twain! Love it! Babies do seem to cure a lot of things, don't they. =)

    Now for some technical questions...what is the happy drug??? I must inquire about it for my next time. And how early were you delivered??

  8. a wimpy white boy? lol!

    i can't wait to see you/him. thanks for writing it all out, it makes me feel like i was actually there and not missing out on my little nephew's arrival!

  9. Every time I read your story...i cry a little.

    It's so beautiful. Infinite congratulations!

  10. so sweet...glad you got to hold him and feel the magic! He is adorable too! I think i will be one with all boys too, but they are such mommy lovers!

  11. so lovely and amazing and so very vivid...brought me right back to Indy's birth. oh and don't be too sad about not getting to dress a daughter "pippi" style...I had the same thought but didn't realize I'd get one who also had a Pippi like independence making me dressing her in anyway pretty much darn near impossible!
    Your little Twain is just so beautiful! Can't wait to see more of him;)

  12. this is beautiful. the picture is so precious. and i lovelove that him nursing is what helped it all. such a God given gift to be able to nurse. i think 4 boys is amazingly fun!
    and yes, do we get to find out how you picked the name?

  13. He is beautiful! I can't imagine what it must be like to go through a c-section, but I am glad that in the end, all is well. You're an awesome Mommy! Can't wait to hear more about him and what your other boys think of their new little brother!

  14. 4 BOYS!!! :) So fun! That picture of you 3 is absolutely gorgeous!

  15. four boys! How cool! And I love hearing this story! so fun!

  16. I cannot get over how beautiful and perfect that picture of the three of you is. Makes me wish we would have had a Lorie there to capture the moments too. :)

    it's a beautiful birth story, Davi, especially the way you tell it!! Twain is a perfect little miracle. I just LOVE the ending, how you stopped shaking once he was in your arms and nursing. Goosebumps!!

    you are so beautiful, I hope you know that.

    ok, and now I can't wait to see pictures of Twain with the other band members!! :)

  17. All you and Twain needed was eachother! :-)

    Beautiful picture and can't wait to see more!

  18. sally- i have no idea what the happy drug actually was but i'm sure any anesthesiologist would know what we were referring to.

    and i'm not sure how early he was? maybe 3 weeks? his pediatrician said he was full term though, based on his skin.

  19. Beautiful! Each and every story of new life takes my breath away!

    I can't believe I have not met little Twain yet. I'm not sure if I can hold out till next week...