May 7, 2009

Tweetle Beetle Comes Home

Our 48 hour stay at the hospital felt like a total time warp. I would doze off for 5 minutes and when I awoke it felt like 5 hours--apparently one of the side effects of the morphine.

My entire first day I was starving but surgery guidelines prohibited eating anything the first day in case it caused you to vomit and tear or something. Can you imagine not eating anything after having a baby? Well, I whined and complained like a baby until my nurses finally smuggled in some broth and jello.

The first day was also filled with lovely visitors, who all came and went in their own special way. Lorie started a fun little trend. She did not want to hear the news of the gender until she was at the hospital.
(One of the few shots John managed to get that day.)

And Olive Oyl, Coco and Jenn all followed suit as well. It was so fun and special to be able to share the news in person. I highly recommend this practice!

Mom brought the boys to see us later that evening. Mom rushed off to get some El Pollo Loco for the kids and in the madness we did not manage to get any photos of her at the hospital:( Twain and I were soooooo excited to give the boys each a little gift, as is tradition 'round these parts.

Twain gave Finn and Calvin some Cars dishes and he got Ollie some teddy grahams. Mom and I also bought the boys some cars, which were a big hit. Finn drew a picture of these cars to spruce up the hospital walls.

When Ollie first saw me laying in the hospital bed, he burst into tears and would have nothing to do with me unless I bribed him with teddy grahams. It was very upsetting and made me cry because I missed him so much.

Calvin's eyes were as big as saucers, as he took in the new baby. I gave him my yucky hospital milk.

Finn had a million questions about every single hospital contraption in sight. He was absolutely fascinated by his baby brother Twain.

The 2nd day my morphine wore off and my incision felt like it was on fire from all that snipping. I could barely breath or move it hurt so bad at times. So, as much as I hate staying at the hospital, it was kind of nice to just rest there with unlimited room service and sandwiches.

Somewhere along our stay, John started calling Twain by the nickname Tweetle Beetle, and it kind of stuck. Saturday rolled around and it was time to take our dear Tweetle Beetle home.

But not before snapping some photos of Twain in his hospital shirt stamped "SOUTHWEST" because it matched with the adorable blanky Lorie brought him.

Get it? Planes...Southwest airlines? I thought it was pretty cool.

Gosh I look awful here. Focus on the baby.

John trying an Ann Geddes pose.

And we are off!

me + csection = very bad photos.

The short drive home was bizarre. There was a whole world out there funtioning much to my oblivion the last 48 hours. A world that was equally oblivous to my feeding schedules and diaper charts.

Back home, there have been many ups and downs. Thankfully, mom was here to help hold the fort down and to console little Ollie.

On the one hand, I was thrilled to be back at home with my pile of boys and clean bed.

And let's not forget the countless hours gazing at my new baby's face

and laughing at this silly photo.

and I will never get over the new baby smell.

That being said, this has been the toughest c-section recovery yet, rendering me completely useless much of the time. And dear little Twain can be quite the fuss-bucket. He is definitley not easy and mellow. The first 2 nights he screamed all night unless we held him. He HATES his bassinett. He often wakes up just 1.5 hours after eating with awful gas pains...screaming and squirming...and then ready for more food. I'm so sore. 

Check out these feeding logs I've accumulated in just one short week!
I'm obsessed with the feeding logs. 

We are certainly in over our heads over here...but each day gets a little better.


  1. Davi, he is so precious, as are all of your boys. I hope that you continue to recover at a speedy pace. Thanks for sharing all of the beautiful photos. I hope you find your new normal very soon!

  2. Oh, he's beautiful!! And I don't care what you say, you look amazing in all the pictures, too! I stayed 72 hours after Lil Major was born, and I didn't even get out of my hospital gown for the first 36 hours and then makeup did not grace my face until we went home. Ugh. You did awesome!!

    I love how the drawing says "to Davi" instead of "to Mommy". Cute! And that ride home is so weird, isn't it. You feel like everyone should know you have the most precious cargo in your car and clear the way for you. I was a nervous wreck on the ride home. =)

    I hope to meet your Tweetle Beetle sometime this year. Get some rest, Mama!

  3. 1. i can not imagine not eating after having a baby. not at all.
    2. hes so cute, i can practically smell him!
    3. i dig the southwest theme with the blanket, very cute
    4. you look great!
    5.the drawing are so good!!
    6. as soon as hes close to 4 weeks, if hes still having gas, please try a drop of your lavender oil on him! it doesnt work for all babies, but it does for A LOT. it still helps elijah.
    7. i love you and am praying for all of you, but especially your recovery

  4. Davi, he's a beautiful little baby! I can't wait to see him. We're praying for a speedy recovery!

    Hysterical Finny, calling you "Davi"!

  5. I am in love with those wonderful and sweet pictures of little man Twain. I am sorry your are in pain and can't get around to snuggling with your band of boys... I pray that even though its painful now - it goes by super fast.....

  6. You're amazing for even getting another post up!! Your little Twain is absolutely precious! I am so sorry to hear that the recovery has been so tough this time. Hugs and prayers! I love the airplane blanket and very clever match with Southwest on the t-shirt! How long is your mom going to be around? Are you going to have help for a long time? You need it, especially while recovering!

  7. seriously, Sunny is right, you've posted three times in his first week that is AWARD winning. I think I mustered two in Henry's first two weeks. ick. c sections suck.

    i want to come right now and make all the pain go away=(


  8. Goodness could that baby be any sweeter?!?! Another adorable boy for you Davi!! :) I think he looks like brother Calvin in his "silly" pic! Prayers for a quick recovery so you can just focus on your beautiful family! BTW-you are GLOWING in that pic of you and Twain...the one where you claim to look "awful"...I see no awful there!

    Oh yeah, and does Finn call you "Davi" for reals or just in his drawings?? So cute!

  9. You are such a cute family!

    And I have Lorie's cardi. :)

  10. He's sooo cute!
    Hoping you heal quickly!

  11. Oh I love it I love it I love it! SO much cuteness, so much fun, so many memories. I am so sorry you are in pain though =( I can't wait for my night to bring you dinner ... so fun!

  12. Look at those beautiful eyes. I love the pics and can't believe you've even got the energy to put a post up!

    Once we stopped logging Caleb's feedings, I started using a milkband to help me remember.

  13. Yeah! So glad you all made it home safe and sound. Sorry that your recovery is so hard. I hope things start to get easier for you.

    He is so precious Davi! I can't wait to see more pictures of him! :-)

  14. seriously, girl, I am sooooo impressed that you are managing to post at all, especially with everything you're dealing with. And you look beautiful, no matter what you say! You are putting me to shame. :)

    can I just say that I think Twain is one of the cutest, most precious, beautiful babies ever. He is simply adorable!! These first weeks with a new baby are SO difficult... thank God for those adorable baby faces and the sweet moments, or I don't think we'd make it through. The little ones make it allll worth it.

    I love the pictures of your other boys too, as well as Finn's drawing. What a sweetie.

    It makes me sad that you're having so much pain! I hope you feel much, much better so very soon. And I hope you have lots and lots of help so you can get all the rest you need. Praying for you!

  15. Love the cute nickname and he is absolutely adorable! I also like the idea of gifts for the other boys to make them feel special too; I think I might do this with my two boys when their little brother comes! Good Luck with healing and getting life in order again! Best wishes!

  16. Congratulations Davi! Little Twain is adorable...I am so happy for you and your family! I hope that the recovery gets better and that Twain mellows out a bit for you. I can't wait to meet him!

  17. you are amaaaazing for managing to edit photos and blog!! THREE POSTS!! you are awesome.
    Twain is just too adorable for words, you should be so proud :D
    I'm sorry you're in so much pain :(I hope it gets better soon and that you find your new normal for your house! <3

  18. hi! i'm a girl you've never met in person but i'm such a regular visitor on your blog that i feel compelled to say my anonymous congratulations to you on the new healthy and handsome addition ;)! you're a unique family whose daily adventures i'm really curious to follow.
    p.s. it's so cool that finn referred to you by name, on that drawing. it says 'to davi'. i think it's so cool when kids refer to parents like that.

    have a pretty day!

  19. He is so yummy!! You had me all anticipating my little one with your talk of newborn smell and beautiful pictures and then you hit the reality of the newborn...fussy nights, tons of nursing, juggling lots of kids. Hmmm, I'll just sit here and rub my belly. You sit tight little girl, quiet and peaceful and still. I'll enjoy it while I can!!

  20. Haha, Davi - I kept the same obsessive feeding logs with each baby! I think that I kept them for about 2-3 months each, actually, and Jessica made fun of me and said that I would fit in with you. Too funny.

    He is beautiful - absolutely gorgeous! I love every single picture. What a precious time for your family! :)

  21. Davi...


    1. The hungriest I have ever been in my whole right after giving birth. There is nothing quite like that. I'm sooo glad they smuggled you in something. :)

    2. You are beautiful. Always.

    3. Twain is sooooooooo cute. I love that smiley picture. LOVE IT!

    4. Ahhh...the logs. Uh-huh. Yep.

  22. Ahhh...I remember feeding logs. I felt like my life after Gracie was born was ruled by feedings.

    Your new family is too! Can't wait to meet the little guy!

  23. Oh Davi, congratulation on the safe delivery of your dear sweet boy! And welcome home just in time for Mother's Day! I have 4 boys too, the youngest is just 3 months old tomorrow and I can tell you, it gets easier once you're fully recovered. It can be madness some days, but also the most unbelievable bliss!

  24. Oh my goodness, he is so precious! Your family is absolutely adorable!

    And umm, you look freaking fabulous for just having a baby... don't make me come over there!