May 10, 2009

muthrs day

This morning while feeding the baby in bed, I was greeted by my little troops filing in one by one. Finn was carefully carrying a plate, with an egg mcmuffin and strawberries, so that I could have breakfast in bed. Calvin handed me a hand-crafted "Muthrs Day" card,

that contained some cash(John knows me too well) and a Jamba Juice card. I'm thinking of putting the money towards a coat rack for my purses or some photo enlargements.

John was carrying Ollie and they handed me a vase of white iceberg roses from our front yard. 

It was all so sweet.

My main goals for the day were to feed the baby and take a shower. 

I got my shower...

and even did my hair in honor of this day! Major accomplishment, I tell you.

But that was about as far as I got. I did not even bother getting dressed, because we weren't quite up for going back to church yet. 

So here we are, in our grubbies. I would have LOVED to get a Mother's Day photo of me and the boys all dressed up in our Sunday best,

but let's be real. That probably won't happen for a little while. And yes, Ollie is looking pretty rum:(

Finn is SOOOO proud holding Twain. Big stuff.

As an added bonus, I even got to take a nap today. Wishing you all a lovely day!

And if you are reading this mom, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! You are the best mom ever!


  1. happy happy mothers day to one of the coolest moms i know!
    while dressed up lookin snazzy photos are great, i love pictures like this of what moms look like with the kids normally. so precious.
    and i cant get over it...twain is soo cute! love the picture of finn holding him.

  2. Twain is really, really beautiful. What a perfect little round head.

  3. Happy mother's day....such sweet boys!!

  4. Thanks Davoir- I had a great week with the family. Can't wait to see you all again:)

  5. gosh, you are such a gorgeous mommy!!! i love your little family! glad you had a relaxing, happy mother's day! xo.

  6. You look amazing Davi.. Seriously!! I spend lots of times in those tank-tops. They are the best. ;)

    Happy Mother's Day!

  7. Awww! Happy Mother's Day!!! Glad you had such a nice day. You look amazing. :-)

  8. what a perfectly sweet little family. Your mother's day sounds wonderful. and I am so thrilled to see pictures of all 4 of your boys together. SO CUTE!!

    you look beautiful with your hairs all did up. Very impressive. :) (but then, you ALWAYS look beautiful)

    so glad you had such a happy mother's day!!

  9. What a blessed little family you have! Sounds like a great Mother's Day for a recovering mama. You look stunning. :)

  10. You look amazing Davi! I love the picture of you with Twain where his mouth is open ... SO CUTE! And as always all of your boys are just so darn cute!

  11. That last picture is GREAT! I love that kid's hair!!

    So glad you had such a wonderful Muthrs Day and I adore the pic of you are your 4 little darlings (although I will admit, it took me a sec to find Twain in the pic)!