July 13, 2009

my fun guy

After my c-section, when I was loaded up with morphine and other good stuff, I started tossing around ideas for Twain's birth announcement.

In my delirium, I thought I would do something with mushrooms and title it "Meet my fun guy". Get it? Fun Guy...Fungi?

Bad, bad.

Thankfully Becca and Lorie staged an intervention.

They were like, "Um, no. We can't let you do that". I guess friends don't let friends drive drunk. Or do lame birth announcements while drugged up.

So I switched gears and did something totally different. Not mushroom related at all. And I will show you soon.

However, I still had to get my little mushroom fix! So while on vacation, I embroidered Twain a mushroom onesie.

Introducing...my little "fun guy" :)

He has the biggest smile I've ever seen, but I have failed to capture it on film. He smiles with his whole face. I'm too busy drowning in his wild lopsided grins to grab a camera, so this picture will have to do for now. At least he looks happy!

Twain, at 2.5 months, you are:

GREAT at lifting your head while I am holding you. Or burping you.

You hate my camera and fuss every time you hear it click. Hence, I must use a binky to help pacify you during picture time.

You eat every 2 to 3 hours. Even in the middle at night. It doesn't matter if we supplement with formula or not...Hence, your mama is quite sleep-deprived. You are around 12 pounds.

And during the day, you like to take quick little cat-naps. See, here you are asleep...

And then, bam, you are awake!

and then, back to sleep.
Sleep issues aside, you are just about the cuddliest, squishiest baby ever. You just melt into me. Just like your brother Calvin. And you make the cutest little eeping noises when you want to talk to us. You especially love your mama and turn your head and eyes to look at her whenever she is around.

And as for me...here I am at 2.5 months into babyhood:

My incision feels much better compared to my previous c-sections. Knock on wood.

I am still trying to eat healthier. I feel sheepish to admit I have been counting calories lately. It sounds so antiquated compared to all the new hip programs out there. But basically, I need to know that I am getting enough calories to keep the boy fed~but not so many calories that we both turn into big blobs of protoplasm~

I was doing really great for the first week and a half. Eating all my Trader Joes food. I even lost 3 pounds. But then, my milk supply started to drop the past 2 days, so I had to increase my calories a bit. Oh well. I am not going to be losing weight very quickly. So, I will have to measure my victories in other ways.

Like celebrate the fact that I have not eaten any sweets(cookies, candy, ice cream, brownies etc...) in TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!!! This is huge for me. I am trying to detox from sweets for a whole month. Such addicting stuff.

And I'm also celebrating the fact that I have been exercising almost every day, or every other day!

Mind you me, it's mostly just prenatal pilates, LOL, but that still qualifies right? I tried the postnatal pilates and I am SO NOT READY for one-armed push-ups with one eye tied behind my back. So prenatal pilates it is! It's a pretty good work out. Never mind the fact that the host is in her 3rd trimester...

...or the fact that I am whacking a toddler with my weights when he walks by. Not to mention that same toddler bringing me boxes of Cheese-Itz and Cheerios and placing them on my head while doing leg lifts...or thrusting his shoes in my face while coming up for air doing sit-ups...all of this while the baby is screaming on the floor when he should be doing his baby pilates. AKA tummy time.

If this isn't enough, Finn and Calvin like to scrutinize me while I exercise: "Hey mommy, why aren't your weights all the way over your head like hers?" & "why aren't you breathing like her?"

That's when I throw in the towel and herd the boys out for a lovely evening walk around the park. But so long as I am moving and trying to get fit, I will most certainly count it as exercise! Those evening walks are quickly becoming the highlight of my day.

Sometimes I get into a groove with all 4 boys. We even make it to the outside world where there are actual people. Only to fall quickly out of my groove...and back into my house to recover for days on end. I imagine that is how life will be for the next few months. In and out of sync with the rest of the world.

I better sign off. My little fun-guy is not having fun right now. He's screaming for his mama...


  1. I love love love your updates. and seriously the pics of Twain are to die for! so cute. miss you. how's the hubs???

  2. you crack me up. i have a hard time working out at home because swee'pea likes to ride on my back like a horsey when i do pushups... or sit on my stomach and bounce up and down when i do situps. NOT fun.

    twain is a doll. i love you and him and your big 'ol brood of boys!

  3. Love your pictures. Twain is such a cutie. Seriously adorable. Thanks for my very own birth announcement. I feel so special! FYI I haven't had any added sugar in seven months. Don't miss it one bit and I feel so much better. Keep up the great work.

  4. are you sure you haven't had a little morphine today? this post cracked me up. maybe it's the lack of sleep... that second picture with twain resting his chin on his crossed arms is the cutest thing ever. and of course, i'm loving your embroidered creations :)

  5. I think Twain really resembles Calvin, especially in the first picture. Funny that you mentioned he melts into you like Calvin did!

  6. Could be any cuter? He is so handsome! And I wuld have then y ou do Fun Guy, I love me a good pun! LOL

  7. Gah! He's soooooooo cute! Love his chubby thighs!

    Glad you are feeling better and able to exercise! Thats more than I can say for myself. I need to get on some sort of work out routine.

    Cant wait to see what you made for Twain's announcements. Last night when I was up nursing in the middle of the night, I saw the Cricut infomercial and got super jealous of your fun gadget!!!!

  8. Oh you crack me up!! I actually kinda like the fun guy idea. What does that say about me??? lol
    See... this is the reason that I do not work out in the presence of my children. They are also way too critical of me, I'd probably wind up in tears. LOL.
    Twain is so cute. So cute.

  9. Cutest little fun-gi ever! I'm seriously impressed by the effort you're putting into getting your body back to it's itty-bittyness. You look beautiful no matter what! Man do I need to exercise after this wee one gets here. I'm thankful that at least it will be cool outside then, so I might be okay with doing some sort of outdoor activity.

    When I get back from Florida, we need to to do lunch. Maybe I can bring it and you can set up your slip n slide for the kids. Just an idea.

  10. The birth announcement was fabulous! My hubby even gushed over it! Love that mushroom onsie and those pics of the little man - he is absolutely adorable!

  11. Hilarious post. Love the update. And yes, Twain looks like the squishiest sweetest thing ever!

    A few months ago I couldn't believe you had such energy to work on your house and now I am going crazy in mine. So now as I wonder how you have such discipline to eat well and exercise, I will hold out hope that in a few months I magically will too! Cuz right now...not so much! I will just stalk your life and hope that I stay just a few months behind...You will prepare me for what's coming!

  12. I can't believe you still snuck that one in there somehow... it's as if Davi even without drugs still prefers to dress her children up as mushrooms and make corny jokes about them. hmmmm. I love you Davi - and your photos are truly beautiful. The ones of Twain lying on your gorgeous couch - priceless! You are a terrific photographer! :)

  13. I think those postnatal/prenatal exercise videos would be ten times better if they had the mom's toddlers running around so it would be like what we really experience when trying to work out at home. Much more entertaining anyway.

  14. I almost spit my water out you made me laugh so hard ... TWICE! I love the fun-gi thing ... maybe not for the announcements ... but so glad you posted about it! And your working out stuff ... oh my goodness! I only work out when Peyton is sleeping, I guess that is easier when you only have one though ... that might be a different story in the next few months! Oh and I count calories (when I am not preggers) also! I even made myself a little spread sheet that I use! Do you want a copy?! =) Hope to see you soon!

  15. thanks guys for all your kind words!

    lorieloo-john is doing well. the doc said it was a "boring old hernia" and the surgery went well.after the surgery john thanked me for being cut open 4 times to have our babies. so sweet.

    suzanne-7 months without added sugar? WOW. that is amazing! how inspiring!

    jasmine- no morphine for me! but plenty of vicadin for the hubby. i'm not taking any of his, honest:) and thanks for liking that photo!

    barbie-we would love to slip'n slide with you!

    jenn-you and your hubby are too sweet!

    ellie-of course i love dressing my kids as mushrooms and making fun of them:) thanks for the encouraging words about my pictures! wonderful to hear from you! how was hawaii?

    mommy diffee-of course i want a copy:)

  16. i loooooooove the mushroom onsie! I love mushrooms, not to eat but they are oh so cute to look at, even MORE so on precious Twain!! He is seriously one of the most beautiful babies ever!! I can't wait to see what you come up with for his announcement! He is precious!

  17. AH! I love these pics of your little "fun-guy"..hehe..such a doll!

  18. I just re read what I wrote and it was late at night and I was nursing so i was one hand typing in the dark....So, there! LOL.

  19. you are a hoot!! "fun-guy"... I love it :) Even though you didn't use it on your announcements, I'm so glad you shared it with us here. hehe. Or course, your little 'shroom is adorable. I love your pictures of him!!

    I really hope you start getting some more sleep soon... I can't imagine STILL getting woken up alll the time at night. I've become spoiled, and I hope you get there soon too!!

    So I didn't know anything of your hubby's surgery, but I'm glad he's ok!! And that he was able to have a whole new appreciation for you.

  20. Way to go on eating less sweets and working out more. I can't imagine it's very easy with 4. My one climbs on my back when I do pushups and wants a ride.

  21. I love all of the pictures! I tried working out at home for a few months but my kids kept getting in the way. All I asked for was a small amount of space and of course that is where they'd gravitate to. Grr! I hope your fun guy starts sleeping better at night for you. My two never did until closer to a year old. :( You are amazing for cutting out the sugar. I'm sure that would help me so much, I'm just not willing to.

  22. he is so adorable and i love all the little outfits you make!

  23. Loved how your announcement turned out! Twain keeps getting cuter and cuter!

  24. Hello. I found your blog by way of a link from Strawberry Patches and I just love your embroidery (and cute family too!). I was wondering if you could give me some brief directions on your onesie embroidery techniques. I have a ton of baby showers to go to in the next few months and I just got some cute hand embroidery patterns I would love to use.