July 25, 2009

my new job

I am no longer just a stay-at-home mom.(Not that I would ever call myself "just a stay-at-home-mom")

I got a little side-job.

I am now employed as a ....

..........drum roll please.........


Yes folks, I am now clipping coupons to eek out a living:)

My big-bad boss, John, said that for every penny I save with a coupon, I get to pocket that same amount. Not a bad gig. You should ask your hubbies...

On average, after days of clipping, I gross about $9/month, LOL.

It's quite the lucrative career. You oughtta see me bumbling and fumbling for coupons in line at Target...Yep, I am a high-powered career woman.

However, the other day, my ship sailed in and I scored BIG with a $25 gift card to Rite Aid for transferring a prescription.

If anyone has any tips, I'm all ears.


  1. haaa!!! you are a crack up! :D
    i'm such a bad coupon clipper..it's painful.

  2. Rite aid has many free after rebate items and if you use a coupon on those items they actually end up paying you to buy their stuff. Also start searching out all of the neat couponing blogs in your area, they can help you start saving a lot!

  3. thats awesome davi! lydia and i have been doing coupons and have gotten SOOO much free and HIGHLY discounted things! ive been planning on doing a blog about it soon actually.


    this is a really good place to start to learn the way to get the most out of your coupons. it can be overwhleming at first but its soooo worth it and kind of fun once you get started. i have websites i go to but they are for this area and wouldnt help you much, i will try to find some good CA blogs for you soon. i would start by always getting the sunday paper and writing the date on your coupon booklets. save ALL of them cos you never know what will end up free or even giving you money back! lydia and i have been dumpster diving at the recycling place and thats a gold mine but you have to swallow a little pride first :o)
    if youre getting a sunday paper at a store i would go to the dollar tree cos they have them for just a dollar so you save .50 a week. theres lots of printable coupon sites (couponmom.com is a good place to start for this too) and i would start signing up for mailers like simple living.
    thats a lot i know but its only the beginning..maybe we should have a skype date and discuss coupons :o)

  4. http://www.vocalpoint.com/index.html

    i just signed up for this after hearing people mention getting really good coupons in their mailer...fyi

  5. Come and talk to me about coupons girl! I have transferred so many prescriptions I think I have collected hundreds of dollars in Rite-aid and Longs gift cards. I am all about saving pennies! Call me and we'll chat! HA HA!

    ...oh I am becoming a garage sale diva too-holding them and going to them!

  6. Davi- I still have the other rite-aid coupon....should I mail it to you?

  7. thanks for the tips!

    Katey-good to know about the rebates being legit. I saw them, but wasn't sure if it would pan out!

    Gretch-WOW! Thanks for the plethora of information. I am so impressed with you and Lydia. Very inspiring. I wish I could see you two dumpster diving! Sounds like a blast:)

    Coco-I love the garage sales too! And that's amazing how much you made with prescription transfers.

    Mom-I think that coupon is expired...and I have two more that I don't even think I will be able to use. But thanks!

  8. Coupons.com

    Love it. Use it before every shopping trip. You do have to install a little coupon printing application. Good luck with your savings!!

  9. Welcome to the dark side, Davi! =) Just kidding - but couponing is addicting AND fun AND definitely time consuming...but totally worth it.

    I did a post about my tips here: http://midwestgirlatheart.blogspot.com/2009/01/my-new-hobby.html

    So, do you only get to count paper coupons?? Or any savings you get? I shop at Kroger (my store is a Dillons, not sure what Kroger in your area is), and they double coupons, so w/ sales, coupons and doubling, a lot of times I'll save 50% or more -- which is usually like $50 PER TRIP!!! That will add up! John will be sorry he gave you this challenge. =)

    Have fun and keep up posted on your great deals and finds!

  10. Have fun - I did thegrocerygame.com for a while. It was so fun seeing that "you saved 46%" at the bottom of my receipt. I couldn't keep it up though. I got obsessed. I spent hours clipping coupons, making shopping lists, and menus to go with the coupon items. Describing it as your new job is perfect!

    I must warn you about the ultimate couponers low. When you know you have the coupon for that item and can't find it or forget to use it, or when you don't use the right combination of coupons and end up spending $.50 more for Cheerios than you have to!

  11. This was seriously funny ... Ryan was reading it with me and we were both cracking up! You are too cute =)

  12. $9 a month!!!! that IS lucrative. Sign me up.


    seriously though, I think it's great that you're doing this, and I wish you many coupon successes!! Keep us posted and share your findings along the way... I know I could definitely use some help in this area.

  13. hey davi, i recently dove into the world of couponing. it's addictive. and target couponing is perhaps the most amazing. someday i'll tell you about my 10 boxes of cereal for 18 cents each... :) anywho, i like moneysavingmom.com for her tips, and stretchingabuckblog.com. i just go where the ladies tell me with my coupon in hand and save mad cash. :)