July 16, 2009

my wemmicks

This is the sight I woke up to on 4th of July.

Finny and Gege reminded me of little wemmicks.

Wemmicks are wooden people that walk around giving stars to people they admire.

And they give dots to people they are not so impressed with.

There was a wemmick named Punchinello that was not very talented. He tripped and fell a lot and would say very silly things. So he got lots of dots.

This made him very sad.

Then he met a girl named Lucia, who had NO dots. And NO stars.

Punchinello wanted to be just like her.
So he asked what her secret was.

She led him to a carpenter named Eli, who was the creator of all the wemmicks.

Eli told Punchinello that he was very special...made exactly how he was intended to be. No mistakes. The dots only mattered to the other wemmicks. Not to Eli.

Punchinello slowly began to understand Lucia's secret. Lucia spent a lot of time with her creator Eli, and grew to learn that it was more important to believe what Eli thought of her than what others thought of her.

And so their opinions did not matter so much to her...they did not stick to her...and so her dots and stars fell off.

And as soon as Punchinello started to believe Eli, that he really WAS special, a dot fell off of him.
Dots or stars...matching outfits or clashing get-ups...I think my little wemmicks are very special too.

Narration adapted from my favorite Max Lucado story, "You Are Special".


  1. That is seriously my favorite kids book of ALL TIME! I think I actually shed a tear the first time I read it. We have the whole series! Your wemmicks are special!

  2. Why are your kids so awsome, if I had another kid, becuase of your kids I woudl want it to be a boy!

  3. That is our Christmas book that we read every Christmas! I heart Max Lucado! I absolutely love how you put the story with the pictures! Your boys are so darn cute it is unreal! Hope to see you soon! You will have to come over and bring the boys to play after Cohen gets here! Peyton will love the company =) I will too! I might need some breast feeding tips from a pro!

  4. They are so beautiful.

    And you are so blessed.

    mrs boo

  5. BTW I love that book, its Josiahs very favorite!

  6. Sweet story-- I read that book to the Sunday School kids and they love it!

  7. we just started reading this book to my boys and they LOVE it! So fun and the stickers are a great way to bring it to life!

  8. Um... can you please come to my house and tell me stories??? lol.... you do such a good job!!!

    The boys are ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS darling. What cute little wemmicks.

  9. Loved this post! And I don't think I shed a tear the first time I read that book, I know I did. I used to get choked up everytime I read it. Such a simple message that all need to understand. Your boys are too precious (hence the stars ;) )