July 28, 2009

This little piggy

These two.

Thick as thieves.
After we tucked them into bed last night, we overheard them having a conversation, under the neon glow of their new clock.

They were discussing their kitties in their tummies(which were actually tucked under their pj shirts). And Finn was talking about "going to the hospital to have surgery"...to have their kitties extracted, by c-section of course.

My sister Jessica and I shared a room growing up and we always talked into the wee hours of the night. I'm glad my boys will get to do this too.
Yes, these boys are two peas in a pod.

But they can be so different.

Over lunch this sunday, John asked Finn, "What snack did you have at church today?"

"Nothing", Finn replied, "I knew we were having lunch soon and I wanted to be able to eat everything on my plate".

John and I exchanged *glances* at our son-turned-Pollyanna.

"And Calvin, what snack did you eat at church today?", John asked.

Calvin, with a HUGE smile on his face, "fruit loops!"

Yes, they are sooo different.

This little piggy eats fruit loops,

and this little piggy eats none,

This little piggy wears warm pj's in the dead of summer(and wears his socks up to his knees),

This little piggy wears none(this one must be wrested into jeans in the dead of winter).

This little piggy drinks gallons of milk,

And this little piggy drinks none(he much prefers water).

And this little piggy went...

"Wee wee wee" all the way home...

Well, actually Calvin went "wee wee wee" all over the dirt while I took pictures...and Finn barely made it to the rest room in Children's Place today...


  1. you make me want another boy...and I dont want anymore children. Stop putting cute pictures up.

  2. Such a cute post! Your pictures are lovely!


  3. Sounds like they have a sweet relationship...one that will be treasured.

  4. Adorable photos! I'm totally digging the socks pulled up to his knees!

  5. 50 million gallons of drool! They are SO CUTE!!

    Check yo' mailbox soon, mrs band of brothers.

  6. This post is exactly why I love Davi so much! I admire and appreciate the wonderful full time job you do everyday with such creativity, love and joy! ROCK ON!

  7. cutest post ever! loved it. :)

  8. so cute!!!

    Very different...fun :)

  9. i love to watch the relationship of siblings! a&e are so different, yet so the same! weird. & i hope & pray they remain the best of friends too :) your little piggies are too cute! such a sweet post!

  10. WHAT a great and creative post!!! I love seeing differences between Eli and Cora and i am even more excited about seeing differences between Cora and this new little lady... Hope you are doing well..

  11. Ok this made me cry! I am so glad Peyton has a brother =) Your boys are just precious together, and I just love that they are each such different little people. You are going to have so much fun with them as they continue to grow!

  12. Those two are so cute together. You are such a great mom. Super-mom in fact. I only have one and I can't manage to get out and take adorable pictures like you do.

    teach me your ways oh wise one. ;)

  13. cute post and pictures! my boys are the same way...so opposite but the best of friends! they share a room too and hearing their conversations is hilarious!

  14. I love this post! So cute and fun!

  15. awwwww. :) I just love how different these two boys of yours are, and yet how close to each other they are. Kind of like my Emma and Annabelle... there is such a special relationship between the first two, I think.

    you really do take some darling, darling pictures.

  16. SO CUTE.
    Every time I open your blog, my Isaiah is here reading with me and he SO wants to play with your boys LOL!
    you have the most precious sons!!!

  17. Your boys are so cute! It is so fun to see how similar and yet different little brothers can be.

  18. Precious! Ella and Tess seem to have a special little bond too sharing a room. I always wished I had a sister so it's especially sweet for me to see their connection. They are just as different too. Doesn't it make life so entertaining?!