January 11, 2010

4 little monkeys

Twain is 8 months old. And he is changing so fast.

He is crawling everywhere. He is into ev-e-ry-thing.

I can barely keep up with this baby. And away he goes.

He can get to a sitting position all by himself.

And he is so very pleased with himself. He loves to clap. And wave.

He babbles mama, dada and can mimic some other words.

He is fine playing with the boys, but as soon as I walk into the room, he laughs and then cries at the same time, crawling toward me frantically.
And sometimes I find him crawling down the hallways, looking for me. It's the cutest little pile of sadness and I cannot help but laugh and scoop him right up. He is all about mama.

He always wants to keep me in his sight.

At the same time, he is so very wiggly and wants to play by himself...but he just has to keep crawling back to me and patting my leg to make sure I am still there...all to himself...all day long.

He also loves to pull himself up to stand all the time but I don't have a good picture of that...next time I shall do better.

And cuz it's no fun to be a lone monkey on the bed...

Our house is full of noise and chaos and Twain is right in the thick of it all. He is surrounded by little faces that love him.

Little faces that love to baby-talk to him.

Last time I updated, Ollie and Twain were becoming the best of pals. Now?


They fight, if that's what you want to call it.

Twain grabs Ollie's toys and pulls Ollie's hair...Twain doesn't mean anything by it, but Ollie still flips out. Other times, when Twain gets in his space Ollie feels threatened and pushes him or throws toys--we are working on these issues very hard. They still love each other but the competition is fierce around here!

My prayer for these boys is that they love God and each other with everything they have.


  1. Oh, he is such a cutie pie! All four of your boys are just darling Davi! Great pictures!

  2. Your little monkeys are so much fun...and those chubby legs on Twain?? Oh boy...so cute!

  3. hi! im a new follower and oh my goodness do you have an adorable family!

  4. These pictures are awesome. Such cute little monkeys. Love that they all have coordinating monkey stuff.

  5. they are just the absolute cutest kids!! what little dolls you have!

  6. The clothes, the smiles, those eyes, the baby fat. Oh my! Can't take it. Beyond adorable.

    PS I need help with my photos. What camera/lens do you have? Settings? We need a tutorial here.

  7. Melt my heart!

    Oh, the story about Twain looking for you in the halls...so sweet...and those little leggies in that picture of him on the mattress pad...ahhh! Too cute!

    8 months? No way!

  8. you're little guys make me so excited to have one of my own!

  9. Davi the pictures turned out A M A Z I N G ! ! ! ! And those eyes are killing me! Precious little boys, I love each of them! But stop stop stop growing baby Twain! I can't stand it anymore!

  10. Oh so cute! I love how Twain's little rollie pollie thighs are peeking out between his onesie and leg warmers. SO CUTE!

  11. Your boys are so adorable! Twain is getting so big! It just reminds me that Zoe is just as big! GAH! stop growing adorable children!

    oh and you are amazing and always have amazing pictures. :)

  12. seriously I just want to munch on his cheeks.

    oh and I miss you.

  13. oh.my.goodness! precious!!!!

    um..why do they growo fast !

  14. Oh thanks all!

    And Suzanne? Your pictures are always so clear and beautiful I often wonder what set up you use and what your tricks are! Your photos most certainly do not need help!

    (But, just so you know, I use the canon 40D with a 35mm lens, 1.4.)

  15. calvins pants! where did you find them?

  16. What happened? Ollie grew into a little boy seemingly overnight!

    Beautiful boys...and so much joy!

  17. Gretch, I got Calvin's pants on ebay for a great deal. They are the knuckle heads ivy league plaid pants.

  18. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your boys!!! I just can't get enough of their big brown eyes and hilarious personalities! You're such a lucky momma!

  19. i really admire you for raising 4 boys like you do. you are one strong mama, with so much grace oozing out of your core. i can't get over how much twain looks like you either! ahhh, he's so adorable. i love all of your monkeys :)

  20. I have never ever ever wanted to munch on a another Mama's babies as much as I have yours! TOO PRECIOUS! ALL of them!

  21. So you're going to just keep making babies, right?? You have the cutest little boys! Every time you have a new post I ooh and aw over your gorgeous pictures!

  22. Hi, I'm delurking to tell you how absolutely adorable your children are. I have two little boys and looking at your four together, I just know I want more boys. :)

  23. I love your description of Twain and how he's so connected to you- especially the crawling toward you while laughing and crying- lol, soooo cute

  24. once again, a bit behind in the commenting (that's me these days) but oh wow did this post ever make me smile when I first read it. I hardly even know how to express just how YUMMY Twain is or how precious all your boys are in their matching sock monkeys. TOO MUCH. your pictures are simply wonderful, as always.
    Love your boys, love you.