January 7, 2010

i heart my family

New Years Day, I awoke with the feeling of anticipation of excitement. My dad was not able to come up on Christmas, so my parents decided to come up on New Years Day. I was thrilled. And to top it off, sister Lindsay and her husband Jim were coming too! If only sister Jess and family did not live so far away:(

Mom and the boys made up a game called "shoot the planets" with their nerf guns. The paper scattered on the grass represents the planets, in case you were wondering.

Since doing the Solar System puzzle on Christmas day, my boys have become rather obsessed with outer space. Finn has a bazillion questions, and I caught John drawing detailed diagrams for Finn before bed one night. Here are the latest drawings that have been appearing on my refrigerator every day. This one by Finn.

One of Finn's favorite stars is Betelgeuse, as seen above. And can't forget Rigel and Sirius...

And this one by Calvin. Oh, my heart smiles at his adorable little efforts.

And the two of them love to play Asteroid Boy, in which they run around the house at top speed as colliding asteroids. Precious little twerps.

Olive joined us for the day.

My dad entitled this photo "tip-toeing off for a piece of cheese"

Such a noble beast, indeed.

My dad loves to get the boys all riled up.

I coerced my parents into letting me take some pictures of them outside. So here we go...photos of Billy and Adele...

Just a few minutes into the photoshoot my parents were like, "Ok, great! Thanks Davi! We're done!"

And I was like, "Um, no. I'll say when we are done":)

To which they replied, "This is the most photos anyone has ever taken of us!"

Teehee, if they only knew...

I am so thrilled that I was able to take some photos of my parents. The next time you are with your folks, you should try taking some photos of them. You may have to drag them kicking and screaming, but I assure you, it will be worth it.

Even if you accidently step in doggy doo while taking photos and allegedly FREAK OUT upon tracking it into your house...

You will treasure them always.

By the time Lin and Jim got there, the lighting was gone and I did not get any good shots of them together with their new Siberian Husky, Kenai. Next time, I shall remedy that.

Eating dinner.

Twain simply loves his Uncle Jim. The two of them make quite the adorable duo. I often catch Uncle Jim scooping Twain up.

Twain shows love by grabbing.

and patting.
I was on cloud 9 that my family came to help us ring in the new year! Love you guys!


  1. Cuuute!! A husky, yaay! We love ours, so sweet!!! :) I would love to see pics!

  2. Boy, long time no comment- I am sorry I disappeared off comment planet (hehe) for a while there. I loved seeing your parents! Can DEFINITELY tell you're all related! Your backyard too- wow, love the landscaping.

  3. Tacy was obsessed with Betelgeuse and Sirius the Dog Star for a while, too, lol! They need to spend more time together!

    Love the pictures, totally forgot Dad grew the scruff, and Olive, though noble indeed, is entering her golden years. I'm missing so much!

  4. um okay, how did I not ever see it before?! FINN IS YOUR DAD?!! Omigosh!! So so so cool! love the pics of your parents and so glad you had a little family party! Although I still have yet to meet the illusive lindsey....hmmm...

  5. Those pics of your parents turned out beautiful!!! If only I could somehow get my parents to let me take some of them. So glad you got to see your family for new years! Miss you!

  6. this post made me happy and brought me smiles for so many different reasons!! I am SO glad you got to have your family around to ring in your new year. Perfection.

    your parents are too cute for words.

  7. Aww! I was hoping you would post some pics of Jim and Twain *wants to steal them and get them printed* :)

    That was such a fun day and I was so happy we were able to make it over there and introduce you to Kenai and have a New Years dinner!

  8. Smiles smiles smiles! I love how the boys love space! So cute. And seriously I can not believe how much Finn knows about space! That boy could teach a class =) And Davi your parents are a true blessing, and so adorable!

  9. Aw, how cute that you took pictures of your parents together! They look so sweet! It is so nice to spend time with family, especially when they live far away. Finn is so bright! I bet he's excelling in school. :)