January 18, 2010

sweet weekend

A few months ago, my mom decided to throw my dad a surprise party for this 60th birthday.

Well, the surprise was on all of us when my sister Jessica spontaneously flew out for the weekend to celebrate his birthday with all of us!

Happy Birthday we all shout!

Dad was shocked to see Jess and it was the most wonderful party ever.

Ollie is buried in a book

The boys were very high maintenance and I did not get many great party shots.

Back at the homefront the next day, the original crew...plus Olive, of course!

Thanks to our AWESOME hubbies who took care of our responsibilities, us sisters were able to hang out and chat all day yesterday. Pure bliss I tell you!

My sisters are the most charming, sweet, genuine, loving girls you will ever meet. I heart them!

And since my parents live in the country, I could not pass up the opportunity to take a few outdoor shots of the baby wearing his new hat that Auntie Paula crocheted him for Christmas.

OOhh. Check out those chubby calves. Did not know it was possible to have cellulite on the calves, LOL.

And no, I am not trying to make a fashion statement wearing these ripped jeans. I've had them for over 3 years. I am sadly lacking in the jeans department these days. I've ordered some jeans online and hopefully they will work out better than the previous 4(yes, FOUR)jeans that I had to return. Jean shopping kills me.

I can't get enough of these pudgey hands.

We are NOT afraid of a little dirt. Though running through kitty litter while barefoot is another story altogether(Don't worry, it was Calvin, not Twain).

Little pile of baby.

Looking so forlorn.

Aw, that's better.

It was the sweetest weekend and I did not want it to end. But here I am, back at home typing, still smiling from all the fresh country air.

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  1. What a fun weekend- and awesome that you got to have a girl day with your sisters! You look gorgeous, seriously- so fashionable- LOVE the headband.

  2. I'm SO glad you got to have a day with your sisters. I know JUST how you feel, sometimes I miss mine so much it hurts, and getting to see them is like nothing else. SO happy for you! It sounds like a perfect weekend. And I must say, you three sisters are all so gorgeous!!

    And Twain in that hat is to die for. what an adorable pile of baby. :)

  3. Your parents are so cute! Not to mention you and your sisters...how fun that you got to spend time together!

    Twain is absolutely adorable...I LOVE the hat Paula made...did she make the booties too?

  4. What a fun weekend that was! such a treat to get to spend it with you and Jess!

  5. How is Ollie feeling?!?!?!

    Adorable pictures of Twain, of course. Love his baby pudginess!

  6. thanks megan and talia...and Agnes, I got the booties from Etsy, though I am sure Paula could make them if she tried!

    and Ollie is on the mend from his cold!

  7. Could you and your sisters be any cuter?! Beautiful girls, beautiful! And all of your pictures are amazing, it sounds like you had such a refreshing time friend, I am happy for you! And can I take that hat from Twain ... would you notice it was missing?!?! Love you dear!

  8. Family time is so precious! What an amazing surprise for your dad (and everyone) that your sister could be there! Sister time is awesome, I'm glad you had that together.

  9. Notes from the Patch just reposted you in the flower headband and gave a tutorial on how to make them. Did you make yours? If so, would you care to share?


  10. Hello ElanaE! No, I did not make my headband...I wanted to, but really did not have time to figure it out. Plus, this actual headband is SOOO comfortable to wear on my head, I can hardly even tell it is on! And that is important to me, since I have a sensitive head and usually want to rip a headband off in less than an hour...I was sold on the comfort!!

  11. When I talked to you on the phone the other day to tell you I saw you on patches blog you didn't tell me you had a blog but when I was in Philadelphia, I showed Nate the picture and when I clicked on the here button, it took me to your blog and I spent the next few moments oohing and awing. I loved seeing the boys and John. It has been a while since I've seen your Mom, Dad and sisters so it was fun seeing them too. Great job.