January 3, 2010


My husband is an outdoorsy kind of guy. Every winter, he wants to take us to the snow. And for whatever reason(ahem, me not wanting to get wet and cold while pregnant or nursing a baby. Golly I used to be so adventurous, what happened to me????) we have not driven up to the snow since Finn was a wee toddler.

That's a long time. Shameful I tell you.

So when John broached the subject a week ago, I decided to be a good sport and go. We went on the morn of New Years Eve.

Ahead of time, I made a conscious decision not to whine or complain when things got tough.

On the drive up, I also had to deliberately not think about all the obstacles that we would face upon maneuvering 4 small boys around in the snow. What if the boys have to go potty and there is no bathroom? What if the baby is fussy? What if it's really windy and cold? What if the dam breaks?(don't ask!) I had to purposefully surrender all of these imagined problems and just enjoy the trip. Sometimes you just gotta do things without over thinking.

The drive through the canyons was one of the most beautiful drives I have ever been on. We drove right along the river.
Romans 1:20 For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities-his eternal power and divine nature-have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.

In the past, I will reluctantly admit, that I have neglected to properly admire God's beauty in nature. For whatever reason, I was too preoccupied admiring silly things like quaint little houses or barns. Well, not anymore I tell you! I will look for God in nature and enjoy Him while doing so. After all, the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever! I think it glorifies God when we enjoy His beautiful creations--and yes, I realize that this sounds very obvious.

When we got to the snow resort, things started to unravel a bit. It was crowded and there was barely any parking.

The boys had to whiz.

Ollie was having a melt down while I was trying to apply sunscreen to his face. He was trying to wipe his tears and I was afraid he would rub sunscreen into his eyes.

The baby had to nurse.

Why on earth did we come? Were we crazy to attempt this? Oh yah, stop complaining.

It was hard trying to get everyone fed, then bundled in all their snow clothes, with sunscreen.

But it was smooth sailing after that!

The weather was perfect.perfect.perfect. Sunny. No wind. It was a BEAUTIFUL day.

Here is Twain on his first trip to the snow.

It's hard to believe they make teensy-tiny snowboarding jackets for one that cannot stand, let alone snowboard, ha.

He pretty much was the most content little snow trooper I have ever seen. He smiled happily and did not cry once. Amazing.

Baby touches the snow for the first time.

Calvin was the happiest I think I have ever seen him. Grinning from ear to ear.

He looks like a little elf here.

And Ollie. I was really surprised by how much he took to the snow. When Finn was a toddler and first went to the snow, he fussed every time his feet sank too deep into the snow. I was fully expecting Ollie to react in the same way. I was wrong.

He was very adventurous and tried to do everything his big brothers were doing.

Only smiles and happiness from this little snow bunny.

Finny, why are you looking so serious? I assure you, he had a blast.

It pains my eyes to see him wearing a matching blue hat and jacket, but I am trying not to let silly things like that bother me:)

The boys were body boarding down the slopes the whole time.

And here is what Ollie's silhouette looks like in case you were wondering.

Oh yay, Finn, you are finally smiling!

A nice Lithuanian lady offered to take a picture of our family.

Wow, that is quite the scowl you got there Calvin! So sorry to disturb your snow fun with a family photo!

This trip to the snow was so positively perfect, it will be hard to top. I really look forward to going again!


  1. Where did you guys drive to? Our family has a cabin at Shaver Lake, but it's far if you just want to drive somewhere for the day (2.5 hours..hrmph). Once again, your boys are sooo so soo cute!

  2. we still have not gotten our big snow..perhaps its waiting on our babe to get here..lol!

    LOVE your pics..your family is just precious!

  3. i literally thought that first picture was a painting done with watercolors :) God's creation is soso beautiful! & that family of yours. well, gee. another one of God's b-e-a-utiful creations ;) i had to. :)

  4. seriously how hilarious is Calvin's face in that last one?!!?? hahahaha!!! so so glad you guys had fun!

  5. Love these pictures and those beautiful boys!!

  6. What a lovely day for you! All of your little snowmen are SO CUUUUTE.


  7. Adorable pics - I have about 8 inches of snow outside my house right now and don't even have any snow pictures yet. Of course, when it's 16 degrees out it can cause you to not want to go outside. Maybe we'll brave it if it warms up a little!

  8. I love this post...so true and the pictures are stunning!
    Funny side story, I was looking at this with my girls on my lap (they love looking at pics of your boys) and when we got to the family picture I was using the mouse arrow over each face and saying your names but I accidentally said "Ollie" when I was over Twain and both girls in unison said "NO Tweetle Beetle"...obviously they "know" your boys' well! Ha!

  9. Aw, Summer, that's the sweetest thing ever. Do you see how big I am smiling over here:)

    Give those precious adorable girls a BIG hug from me!

  10. Beautiful pictures as always! I'm so glad you made it to the snow and that fun was had by all. Where did you go? It looks like that place has a lot of snow! We bought our kids snow boots while we were in Chicago and I need to find places to take them so they can use them again!

  11. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! (That's what I sang as I read your post!)

  12. hahahaa!! Calvin's face in the family photo has me cracking up! Silly boy.

  13. I'm glad the day turned out fun!!! Love all the pictures! I'm hoping I get to post mine sometime today! Next year we should go together! ;) Seems that both of our hubby's love to outdoors...Andy misses the snow like crazy this time of year!

  14. I'm a bit late in commenting on this, but aaahhhhh, these pictures!!! I just love love LOVE them all!! Like Molly, I thought the first one was a painting. Breathtaking.
    I was cracking up at your comments about Finn's matching blue hat and jacket... hehehe. Only you, Davi, only you. :)
    your boys are TOO cute with all their funny little expressions. You did an amazing job of capturing the snow day! I'm glad you all had such fun!