May 23, 2010

cute loot

A smidge behind on posting, but we won't dwell on that...

Twain got some fantastic loot for his first birthday. Let's focus on that!

My parents came up a week before his birthday to celebrate a little early. Here are some snaps of the boys playing on the couch with my dad. Ollie wanted to snuggle with Grandpa Billy. It was darling.

My mom made Twain a very special "Grandma Book" for his birthday. She has made one for each of her grandkids on their 1st birthday, and honestly I don't know how she survived us! That was a lot to take on! But we are so grateful for these special little treasures that teach the boys of their ancestry.

Here are just a few of the pages.

In this one, my mom's prayer for Twain is to love Jesus.

Me as a chunky monkey baby.

I still think my parent's wedding photos are some of the most enchanting photos I've ever seen.

I wanted to wear my mom's wedding dress for my wedding, but it had a unremovable rust stain.

Thanks mom, for all your hard work into these books.

Tweetle also got some darling presents at his party. They all seemed to color coordinate, much to my amusement. My friends must know me.

Miss Lorie also made Twain a very special book. Pretty much took my breath away!

The photos of Twain in this book were printed on special fabric photo paper--pretty nifty! The entire book is made of fabric.

She chronicled Twain's first months in photos, starting with his birth. Be still my heart.

Months one and two.

Here is what the first 2 pages look like side-by-side:

And here are some more of the beautiful pages for you to enjoy.

She sewed his many names on back: Twain, Tweetle, Twinkie. So cute.

Lorie, your book has already brought such joy to our family. We love to read it together. Thank you so much for sharing your special talents with us. It will be treasured forever.

And Miss Becca spoiled Twain with some of her special reversible bibs. LOVE them. They have little snaps on back--same kind you see on jeans!

Miss Alisha thought Twain needed his first klean canteen. Ha! I can't believe my baby has one of these shnazzy containers. Could it be any cuter???

And it just so happens to match the keys that Miss Angela got him. These keys she bought to specially match the striped romper above. Ha, girl after my own heart. Seriously, though, these keys just kill me with their cuteness!

And it does not escape my notice how well these two items blend together in color.
Pumpkin and Pea green. Sigh.

Twain made out like a bandit, if you ask me!


  1. Wow! I love it all...those books are so fabulous...each made with so much LOVE.

  2. cute cute cute! Happy birthday, Mr. Twain!

  3. Wow, you have some super talented friends! Which isn't surprising considering how creative you are! But Lori, holy cow! That book is awesome! And of course Grandma's book, priceless! :)

  4. Oh my Goodnessss :0) such cute presents, love the books from your mom and Lorie.Im a sucker for handmade gifts :0) Happy late Birthday to you yummy baby :0)

  5. oh my...those books are just wonderful.I just want to cry about beautiful!

  6. Love those books. What thoughtful gifts - handmade is the best!

  7. Pic#3 - Grandpa and Calvin's faces are PRICELESS!!!

    And that book Lorie made is seriously precious! So much talent wrapped up in one little lady is just not fair! ;-)

    And the book from your mom is really neat too! Seeing her wedding photos shows me where you get your beauty from!

  8. You have such creative friends! Can I barrow them? :) That book is seriously amazing!

  9. Cute cute cute! You look a LOT like your mother when she was younger Davi!!! Stunning!!! We all love Mr Twain!!! I am glad he liked his matching Keys and Romper LOL I think it is the silly things like this that make me love you so much friend!!!

  10. Awesome! love the books!! esp the wedding album

  11. oh my word. That book from Lorie just blew my mind... SO amazing and cool!! That girl. She's all kinds of talented.

    and I LOVE the one from your mom! What a special gift for her grandbabies! Their wedding pictures are stunning... and yes, like you said, enchanting. Lovely.

    Twain got some of the cutest gifts ever... your sweet friends know you oh-so-well. :)

  12. wow, what a beautiful baby book!

    I love love love your blog! what a cute mommy you are! and your boys are killers-little lady killers! so precious!