May 2, 2010

kitties and killer whales

Question: What do kitties and killer whales have in common, you ask?

(side note: mass swarms of kitties do not make me feel itchy at all. or sneezy. and my eyes are NOT watering).

Answer: Kitties and Killer Whales are both loved dearly by my little boys.

A while ago, Finn asked if he could have a stuffed killer whale for his birthday. I was too excited to wait for his birthday, so I ordered some killer whales for Easter this year. And not just any killer whale. I decided it had to be Spout the Stuffed Orca Whale by Douglas. Why? This particular killer whale looked just like Shamu. All other whales were too pudgy in the mid-section or had sub-par fur.

Unbeknownst to be me, Spout is very popular and ended up being on back-order FOREVER. The company tried to offer me some reject whales instead, but I was not going to budge. It had to be Spout. Weeks and weeks later, we finally got our Spouts in the mail.

The boys were thrilled. Spout did not disappoint. Totally worth the wait.

"Hey boys, do you want mommy to take some pictures of your killer whales jumping over some water by the river bed? Like in Free Willy?", I asked yesterday. I'm so sneaky bribing my kids to let me take photos of them.

As we trekked up the bike trail toward the river bed, I spied a Boxer running loose.

Sigh. A few days ago it was a Great Dane on an invisible electric leesh. And now a Boxer just running wild. And I most certainly did not ask the owner to put his rabid beast dog on a leesh. Nope, not me! And the owner did not just look at me like I was crazy.

Seriously if the dog was a lab or golden retriever or even a hyper attacking killer Dachshund, I would not have cared.

We finally arrived at our destination.

Introducing for the first time, Spout and Willy.

Calvin named his whale Willy.

And Finn stuck with Spout.

Little Huckleberry Finn.

And Ollie was supposed to show ya'll his new stuffed Calico kitty but his hands were covered in wet muddy sand within seconds.

Ollie was running wild and happy and free.

And no, I was not paranoid that Ollie was going to get amoebic dysentery from the disease infested waters. Nope, not me!

Twain enjoyed the sand immensely and was surprisingly easy.

Finn is so sweet to Twain. Always talking to him in baby talk. And hugging him.

It was a lovely evening.
The sun was shining softly.
The weather could not have been more perfect.

Unfortunately, all of this freedom was a bit too much for my boys to handle and they started to get a little out of hand(ok a LOT out of hand). So we had to cut our evening short.

And I did not throw them in the bath as soon as we got home. And their clothes were not thrown in the wash within microseconds. Nope. Nope. Nope.


  1. You're just kill'n me here. I knew this story was headed to the bath tub! You're so funny.

    Do you know how talented Finn is? He is a seriously gifted artist. That little grey kitty with the white face - OMG Davi! And those whales...

  2. Those are so neat!!

    UM..I just can't believe that is Twain...he looks like a little boy..where did baby go?!

  3. How on earth did you make the River Bed in OUR town look so MARVELOUS?!?!?! I thought you guys were at the beach at first! ;-)

    And as always...those boys of yours - seriously cute! And yes, Mr. Twain is growing up WAY.TOO.FAST!!!!!

  4. Wonderful...!! love the pics
    And I totally bribe the kids so I can get photos of them!

  5. Would you tell Twain to stop growing please! Thankyou!

  6. Finn is such a good artist! Such accurate renderings! And good choice of color!

    The boys are all adorable.

    Tacy and Em have a bunch of ponies, all by Douglas. They adore them. All on account of the non-sub-par fur!

  7. Beautiful pics D! I love the light- so pretty!
    How happy they must be with their whales!

  8. i look forward to your posts everytime! you're photography is amazing and those boys are rediculously ADORABLE!

  9. What beautiful pictures of your darling boys!
    I'm amazed how well behaved they girls would have been in that water and covered in sandy mud in a matter of seconds!

  10. When you mentioned Twain stealing a Killer Whale the other day I meant to ask what happened to the Kitties =( They have upgraded (well in size I guess)! What precious little guys and as always, stunning pics Davi. Love you!

  11. what magical light for these photos...

    Your boys and their killer whales are too much fun! I love how into their stuffed toys they are. It's so sweet.

    And yes!! Finn's drawings!! SO good!! We DEFINITELY need to get him and Emma together for a drawing play-date. The creativity would be overwhelming between our two little artists.

  12. Your boys are just WAY too adorable. I need four little boys RIGHT NOW! ...or not :) And I agree with Susan's comment about making the "kern river" look awesome, how is that even possible? :)

  13. Love the killer know me and killer whales *wink*. Love that Calvin named his Willy...he is my kindred spirit.

  14. What sweet pictures! I love that the boys love their toys! I'd have done the same thing though, taken them in and given them a bath and washed all those dirty, sandy clothes separately from other clothes. :) Sometimes I am not sure why I was given boys because I'm not a fan of mess and dirt and I can be very restrictive on when my boys are allowed to get dirty. *ahem*

  15. hahaha, of COURSE you didn't throw them right in the wash. You just let the boys skip around your house, spreading the filth. (I totally do the same thing, and we even strip down outside...well, just my daughter. I don't think our neighbors would appreciate it if my husband and I did, lol.)

    These photos are adorable! Your children need to model, seriously. You make me sort of get over my fear of having boys because you're still so dang cute and girly and seem pretty sane, despite all the testosterone! :)

  16. So cute! I love that your boys adore their stuffed animals so much.