May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Mother's Day was very low key around here today! We went to church and then came home for a simple lunch.

I just had one request. I wanted to take our annual Mother's Day picture.

A comparison is definitely in order.

Last year: Mother's Day 2009

This year: Mother's Day 2010

Last year when Twinkie was a wee baby.

And this year, with a 1-year-old.

Yes, you heard right. Twain is ONE! Hopefully I can do his 1-year-old photos next week!

Calvin Jack last year.

Calvin Jack this year--He's a little older and wiser, but otherwise the same. Just as silly as ever.

And the comparison that blows me away the most.

Holy Cow. The 2 of them are almost unrecognizable.

I will admit, that I almost did not post these current mother's day photos at all--It was horribly windy and my hair was blowing everywhere and I looked like a total mess.

And I really wanted to re-take these photos under better conditions. Buuuuut, that seemed downright ridiculous. And silly{and vain}. TODAY was Mother's Day. Not tomorrow.

So here we are, all wind blown.

I am pretty sure it was the quickest photo session ever. We were only out there a few minutes when the winds kicked into super high gear.

A little storm was brewing on the horizon.

We got out of there just in time to avoid a little rain.

Back at home we enjoyed a whole chicken dinner with potatoes and green beans and carrots. It was warm and toasty and perfect. Well, except for the gravy. It came out quite gross.

And we ate cake. While we were eating cake, I went around the table and told my boys my favorite things about them.

To Finn: You are sweet to your brothers, especially to Twain. You are creative and are great at planning the family activities. You are a great self learner.

To Calvin: You are super squishy and cuddly. You are great at playing with Ollie when Finn is at school and you are so helpful with Twain. You are great at riding your bike and playing sports.

To Ollie: You look like a little mouse. You LOVE your mama. You come and sit with her every night and gaze at her before you go to bed.

To Twain: You have the cutest little rolls I've ever seen. I love the way your diaper sounds as you walk up and down the halls. I love your sweet little voice. I love your 2 bottom teeth. You are wild and crazy and will surely give us a run for our money. You are the most persistent little thing I've ever met.

And special Mother's Day wishes to my mom and John's mom. We love you!!!!(ok, I really need a photo of John's mom here too--next time!)


  1. happy post mother's day!!
    youre so beautiful! and wow ollie is big!!! they are so adorable i cant wait to see them in person next month!

  2. Goodness. Cuteness.
    I love these pictures more than bone broth!

  3. happy mother's day!! wow..sweet boys!

  4. I think your pictures are stinkin' adorable... as always. You put me and my pictures to shame.... even windy ones.

  5. Windy or not, you still look super cute :) Oh and the boys too! Such cute pictures.

  6. You are stunning dear, even in a storm <3 And I love how you shared your favorite things about your children, I love your heart Davi =)

  7. wow! what a difference a year makes!!! i love looking pack on past years to compare :) ...but oh dear, your post made me realize this was the first year i didn't take a photo with my boys on mother's day! wah. what the heckles.

    you are just the prettiest mama! <3

  8. What a beautiful post. Despite the wind you look gorgeous! Your boys really have grown. Happy Mother's Day!

  9. Superb idea asking for a whine-free, complain-free photo shoot. I think I will revise my list and ask for that next year! :) It's really the daddy that I'll have to beg!

  10. I love the wind blown pictures!!! Glad you had a great Mother's Day!