May 31, 2010

little giants

Finn and Calvin recently went to a miniature golf party. It was actually monster-glow-in-the -dark-miniature-golf to be precise. Jeepers. What will they come up with next? At the party, they got some white tee shirts so they could glow in the dark better.

Once they came home, they went straight to work, converting their white tees into baseball jerseys.

And not just any jerseys--
San Fransisco Giants jerseys.

as in Finn, Calvin and John) are die-hard San Fransisco Giants fans. John listens to the ball games non-stop during baseball season.

And now John has some mini-fans of his own{thankgoodness. thankgoodness. thankgoodnesss John has someone to talk to, other than me, about these ball games}.

Introducing our little Giants:

I love Calvin's meager attempt at the Giant's logo. So precious.

And here is the back of their home-made jerseys.

Time for some ball!

John has been taking them to play baseball across the street all the time now.

Baseball is such serious business I tell you.
I am thrilled that the boys can play ball with their daddy. It is something they will all look back on with fondness, so I just had to document it here.


  1. Encourage those male bonding times and don't act the least bit interested. With a little luck they'll all leave you home alone to sew and decorate and do fun girly stuff like that. I used to love Indian Guide camp outs and fishing trips when I was left home alone.

  2. So fun! Such a great way to encourage their creativity and athletic talents. :)

  3. Hi! Sound lovely... I'm rachel! Found your blog on Talia's and i just LOVE IT! You are so encouraging and precious. Nice to meet you!!

    my blog:

  4. they'll be teaching miles how to play catch before we know it.

  5. We were HUGE into baseball when I was growing up. I even "made" a team cap using a hot pink hat, needle and thread, and some team stickers! Their shirts totally reminded me of that.

  6. LOL Giants fans, Ryan would be so proud! They did so good on thier shirts!

  7. I just love seeing these pictures. I always knew John would be a great Dad and I know he has been blessed. Davi, you do a great job on your pictures and I want to say a big thank you for taking time to post them. I will be watching daily.

  8. I'm a Dodger fan. But, since your boys' shirts are SO darling and wonderful, I suppose I can forgive you all for being Giants fans. ;)

  9. You are all so creative! Love the boys jerseys. :)

  10. Yes, we are all about brainwashing our kids to love our favorite sports team. Larry is already making Ada watch the Lakers games with him! I love it.

    And how cute are your baseball players?!

    p.s. too bad it's the giants. :)