September 14, 2010

a fierce game

Finn slinks in from the backyard carrying a bunch of baseballs.

"Hey Finn, no hitting baseballs in the house", I lecture.

"I know", Finn says, "I'm not hitting the ball...", as he disappears into his room with Calvin.

What were those boys up to? It was the wee hours of the morning.

Do you ever wonder what your kids are doing?

A few moments later, I walk into their bedroom.

There was a drumstick.

There were lots of Little People. And washcloths. Washcloths everywhere.

There were stuffed animals. With Little People and washcloths.

Oh and there were baseballs. Lots and lots of baseballs(and a truck or 2 thrown in for good measure).

Can you guess what they were doing????

Here's one more hint.

You guessed it!

A very fierce game of baseball under my very own roof: Little People/trucks vs. Stuffed Animals

Here we have little stuffed zebra up to bat with a truck in the background as the catcher.

Stuffed Zebra is the newest member of our household. Finn picked zebra from the treasure chest at school on friday. I don't know why he picked a zebra of all things, but I think it's sweet.

Zebra is getting nervous as the truck pitches a fast ball.

And Zebra makes a hit and gallops rapidly to first base...where killer whale really need to get with the program and run(um swim???) to 2nd base.

An aerial view from our blimp. Can you see tiny Cubby bear up to bat?

This is serious business. Cubby hit the ball, but unfortunately, the ball went straight to Eddie and it was an out!

In fact, that was the 3rd out. It's time for the Little People/trucks to join the dug out.(Notice there are 9 players, folks. This is a very accurate)

The stuffed animals are now fielding.

Orange Kitty is our amazing pitcher with fast balls up to 100 miles/hour.

I don't know how tiny cubby bear made it to Major League baseball. He must have some amazing skills.

And dude, here's zebra again, this time a catcher.

Sarah Lynn is up to bat.

Can you guess who won?

If you guessed the stuffed animals, you are correct!

And now, for the awards ceremony.

And seriously, WHAT IS UP with zebra getting the big trophy?

Zebra managed to nudge out Killer Whale and Orange Kitty, who just got ribbons. I have no idea what is going on in our house these days.

Each member of the winning team gets an award.

With their proud coaches in identical Millenium Falcom tees with too-small soccer shorts.
Well, that wore me out. I think my days as a professional sports photographer are numbered. That is a trixy business trying to get good action shots.


  1. oh first of all, i was smitten with the first picture. i'm sort of in love with that rug :)

    second....i love the creativity that seems to so naturally flow from your boys. they have quite the role model, ahemmmmmmmmmYOU, so it doesn't suprise me, but really, "Little People/trucks vs. Stuffed Animals" is AWESOME.

    and my favorite part?
    (well there's two)
    cubbie bear, tryin to make it big time......
    the awards.

    ohmygoodness..........SO glad you documented this.

    PS. you should write a book about 'what boys can do on rainy days' not that it was necessarily raining during their little game of bball......but the things the come up with are just brilliant, and i think some other kiddos could use the advice (something other than those yucky video games, thankyouverymuch!)


  2. How cute! I love that they made a team with their toys! And of course cubbie bear has some amazing skills he has Jesus on his side! Love how they got soccer trophies for the baseball game! Great stuff right there.

  3. What a great post. I'm such a girl though...I had a hard time staying focused on the game as my eyes kept drifting to colorful rugs and pretty pillows. Who won? Only thing missing was the hot dogs.

  4. That is hysterical Davi, the slug of a whale cracked me up(he definitely has a disadvantage on the field)The little cubby is too much:)

  5. Fun post! I think "Zebra" is awesome...I love the shot of him as catcher. The whole scene is too cute!
    Also, your boys need to see the movie "The Sandlot."

  6. hahaha...Awesome!!!

    Amazing little boys,for sure!

  7. I have never loved baseball so much!

  8. He picked the zebra to commemorate the "zebra squirting fire out of his bottom" journal entry from kindergarten, of course! LOL! I'll never forget that story. :)

    Your boys are SOOOO creative! Seriously just too cute. Cubbie Bear is an awesome player. Your boys have a lot of awards and ribbons laying around! :) Loved this whole post!

  9. this is amazing, such creative children.

  10. to i'm lindsey: thanks for your encouragement. that is your gift! i can't wait to see you in action with baby leif.

    cap creations. I TOTALLY laughed out loud when you wrote cubby had Jesus on his side! Omigosh, how did I not think of that??!!??

    Suzanne... you kill me:)

    Lindsay--i shall put the sandlot on our list! great idea!

    Sunny, John and I got a BIG KICK out of the fact that you remembered the zebra squirting fire from his bottom. teehee, i forgot about that.

  11. Oh wow... kids after my own heart!! Baseball is the ONLY sport. ;)

    So so so cute.

  12. Lol ok, this is one of my favorites. I felt like I was there participating!

  13. Oh, my gosh! This is the best thing EVER! Your boys are so creative and cute, I LOVE THEM! :)

  14. thank you for becoming a sports photographer (and doing such an excellent job of it!) for a day because this just made my day!! :) seriously, cutest thing ever.

    Your boys are so creative and imaginative, I just delight in them and the things they come up with.

    Annabelle was quite excited to see Cubbie Bear, and even more excited to see him with a trophy. hehehe. Go, stuffed animals! personally, I'm glad THEY won... they're so adorable they deserve to. :)

  15. Your boys are just darling little guys. Love them.

    You look gorgeous without make up. You really dont need it at all-you're a beauty!

    and also, your blue couch. LOVE IT!