September 29, 2010

our halfling

When Finn was a baby, John's mom gave me a little baseball uniform--It was a keepsake that used to belong to John's dad, Ron. Ron's mom made it for him, I presume.

I wanted Calvin to wear it to his birthday bash. But with the 100+ weather forecast, John said it would be too toasty to wear, since the uniform was made of, we couldn't seem to located the uniform.

So Calvin got to wear his {backward}yellow shirt instead.

I was so bummed.

A few days later, I walked in the door from running errands. And wouldn't ya know--there Calvin was, prancing around happily in the missing keepsake uniform.

"The uniform is made of dead sheep!", he proudly announced.

John and I both agree...Calvin looks just like a little hobbit with his knicker length baseball pants. Little bare feet flopping about (minus the hairy feet).

How I love our little halfling.

He wears this uniform all the time.

And although it is made of wool, it's extremely light-weight. He totally could have gotten away with wearing it to his sweltering party. Boo.

OH well. I think it's time to move on, past my disappointment.

Calvin Jack. Hobbit of mine. You make me smile. You are just as squishy and cuddly as the first day I held you.


  1. o-m-g. he is precious..too much for words.

  2. Love the comment about the "dead sheep!" TOO funny!!! I really did LOL!

  3. Oh my. He really is a stunning child. And those vintage tinted pictures look so authentic. What a sweet keepsake.

  4. Geeze, this dang cute. Love the uniform- and the hobbit that is wearing it!

  5. aw, what a sweet mama you are! He is oh, so so handsome!

  6. cutest little hobbit i've ever seen! :)

  7. your halfling is 100 times cuter than any hobbit I've ever seen. :) I LOVE that vintage uniform on him!