September 11, 2010

Ragamuffin Moments.

I woke up, stretched and smiled to myself.

Today was going to be a blissfully lazy Labor Day.

With one eye half open, I peeked at my alarm clock.


Yes, I was off to a splendid start.

Before you go thinking I'm the bum of all bums, today I was celebrating my birthday. Technically, my birthday was not til the next day, but John was home today. And could cook for kids all day. Because a birthday is just not a birthday when you are home alone all day cooking for the starving natives. Can I get an Amen?

Today was going to be slightly different. I habitually grab my camera after we are dressed and somewhat ready, but when I look back on this blog in the years to come, I think I am really going to miss these Ragamuffin moments.

So, three cheers to purposefully picking up the camera ahead of time, looking our most raggedy.

Starting with myself, no make-up.
Perhaps 10 years from now I may find this interesting???

With camera still in hand, I lazily meandered in to this blessed site.

Daddy making pancakes with Ollie and Tweetle.

I am not a fan of babies in shirts without shorts. But...this is an official documentation here and so we shall just move on to cuter things.

Tweetle still has some remains of his pudgy ankles, but sadly they are starting to thin out.

And then BAM!$%^$%^$^%&BANG*^&*$$%#$%^BOOM%&*%&*(^&*WHHHAAAAAAAAA.

My little dreamy haze is shattered by Ollie pushing Twain off the chair. Reality has ushered its little self in, and I hear the familiar wails that make up 99.9% of my typical days. Ok, I may be exaggerating a bit, but you must know--my little boys cry a lot. One day, I shall clock the crying.

Real tears.

But between daddy and kitty, all is well.

Especially when we have Finny's fort to distract us. One thing you also must know about Finn. He likes to hike his soccer shorts up way high for some reason, as seen in the background. Kind of drives me nutty, but that's just part of his "little old man personality" that I love so much.

We still love our kitties.

Time for pancakes and prayers. Ollie is a bit of a holy roller and likes to fervently pray, swaying his head back and forth. One day I shall capture it better, but for now, I will leave you with his folded hands.

The main thing I wanted for this fine labor day was a picnic or bbq, outside.

While I was puttering around the house I hear wail #2.

Calvin and Finn collided at home plate, leaving Calvin a weeping mess on the ground. Since it was my birthday, John was the paramedic and took care of business.

However, a few moments later, I still heard Calvin crying. So nurse Davi decided to check on the patient herself. One thing you must know about Calvin, he is one TOUGH COOKIE. But now he looked pale & kept uncontrollably bursting into tears...but kept trying to be tough...but just dissolving into a choking mess.

His elbow was hurt, on Labor Day. Thankfullly, he could still bend it though.

I gave him a little treat to see if he perked up. That was my standard M.O. to determine whether a trip to the doc is warranted.

He ate his candy and kept looking at me and bursting into tears.

My stomach started to turn to knots as I felt our perfectly lazy day slipping away...

"JOHN!! Get inside! I think Calvin is really hurt!"

John came in, checked the elbow mobility and declared him fine.

I was not entirely convinced. Calvin had failed the candy test.

In desperation, I decided to try one more home remedy:

Star Wars Episode V. If that didn't cure him, nothin' would.

So I sent daddy off to Blockbuster for our "medicine", while I made Calvin a sandwich.

Gosh he still looked so rum and pale. Poor GeGe.

Back at home, our firstborn remorsefully contemplated the fate of Calvin's elbow.

Um, that's completely false.

One other thing you should know about Finn is that he religiously checks the Giants score on Johns' IPod, every day.

So we are eating lunch, while the movie starts.

Two minutes in, and Calvin asks "Is the movie over yet? It's too long..."

Oh dear.

However, I think he was just scared of that white monster thingy that hit Luke over the head.

Little visitors come see the patient.

Although huddled on the couch watching Star Wars was not my first idea of how I would spend my birthday, sometimes that is just life.

And seriously, the finest way for me to spend my day is snuggling with the ones I love. I could hug my little boys In fact, I do.

Lorieloo made my yellow and white headband. I am sure if you are nice, she might make one for you at a nominal fee.

During the movie, Twain kept backing up and sitting on Calvin's lap. Calvin was starting to perk up(thumbs up!)

You'd think Twain was really into the movie.

One of my absolute favorite parts of introducing new movies to the boys is the subsequent drawings that result. Here are the original Star Wars drawing from Calvin, age 5.

And here are Finn's little animated drawings, age 7.

And nothing says Star Wars like pink paper. Good call boys.

And meet our newest artist. Little Ollie.

To the left: Ollie drew the head, eyes & mouth...colored in the cloak and made various light sabers. I just helped him outline the brown part of the cloak. To the right: Ollie drew the "toes" and mouth on the Yoda. I drew the rest:)

I am SO pleased that Ollie is interested in drawing pictures, even though they are usually just circles and lines.

But my current favorite Ollie-ism is how he pronounces "he-li-cah-cah-cah-cah-ter"(helicopter). Some days, I rush home, just to hear him say it.

And the bbq is back on! Finn and Calvin shucking corn for their mama. Calvin's elbow is better!

I was SO excited to finally get my outdoor feast.

The food was ready. Our table(s) were set.

Unfortunately, about 6.022 x 10 to the 23rd flies decided to join us.

And my rugged outdoorsy man was completely and totally appalled at the sight of those flies trampling their feet all over our food. And you know it's bad when John says it's time to call it quits.

Sadly we moved our little party indoors.

The end.

p.s. Even though it seems like we had the most humdrum day ever, one thing you must know about me is that I am a simple creature of habit that loves hanging out all day visiting and so it was the perfect celebration despite its mundane appearance. I am very easily entertained.


  1. loved the post. love the headband. think i need one. here's what you need to know. scotty has the boxed set of star wars. it's like a 14 carot gold plated set. not really but it feels that way to me sometimes. anyway, we don't charge as much as blockbuster if you want to borrow them. anytime, you can just call and come get them. they haven't been touched in years.

  2. Sounds like a perfect day to me! Glad you had a great birthday!

  3. OK, First off....if I looked as cute as you look in the morning sand would be perfect! Ha Ha! Your boys are adorable. I love your house and I will be showing my guys the drawings. We recently had to make a "Star Wars Movie" complete with costumes and lightsabers. I am so glad you got what you wanted for your B-day...time with the guys you love most!!!

  4. I really loved this post because these are the times that will be the most fun to look back on. The everyday moments of just living life. Hope you had a very happy birthday and birthday celebration. I have a little something for you. Oh and I have to admit that I've never seen any of the Star Wars movies, no desire to. I guess it's a good thing I have girls. :)

  5. Happy Birthday Davi, I did think about you on your birthday. I love these pictures, they are the fun times and cherished moments. I love the cute everyday happenings too. Thanks for sharing your special moments.

  6. LOVE LOVE the picture of Twain sitting on Calvin's lap!!

  7. Heh, I love that Ollie is a "Holy roller" when he prays. Too cute! :) Sounds like my kinda day! (the laziness and hanging out at home..not the injuries and tears.)

  8. What a special birthday with your guys! I'm glad you got to sleep in, that is just about heaven in my opinion. Love that you documented the day in pictures and shared with us.

  9. you look nothing like a ragamuffin! whatever!
    also, im floored by ollies drawings. i cant get elijah to even hold a crayon for more then 20 seconds and hes not interested in making it actually look like anything when he does color. im glad you had a good birthday. xo

  10. this post gives me such a warm, happy, cozy feeling.... being at home and havin these "ragamuffin moments" (perfect title!) is one of my very favorite things. How wonderful that you took the time to document it all, so you can savor this sweet day for years to come.

    The Star Wars drawings crack me up... espcially the Yoda! Jeremy was quite impressed too. hehe.

    I want to come over and have a ragamuffin day wtih you and your boys someday. :)
    love this post, love you!

    ps. you're stunning even before you're all "done up"! wow!