September 22, 2010

when your mom helps decorate

I was browsing through my antique store the other day when I saw them.

Two vintage chairs: One office chair and one yellow upholstered arm chair.

They were sitting side-by-side, 2 little orphans, pleading with me to be their new mommy.

We really did need an office chair for my desk. My old orange chair got peed on, and sadly, is no more. The tag read $25. Wow. What a deal.

So I walked up to the front and offered them $20. I can't help it. I am a wheeler and dealer. Taught by my Grandma Selma. She is the all time bargainer of all bargainers. Even though I've been trained to haggle since a girl, I still get butterflies. Like they are going to tell me, "No, you are so dumb for asking".

But they said "Yes!" to my office chair and so I bought her right on the spot. I figured John would not mind. After all, it was better than blowing $20 on a shirt at Forever 21, right?

Well right indeed! John was very pleased. Much more so than when I brought home a crooked vintage ironing board. And it fits the desk perfectly. They are both from the same era.

This chair is hardcore. Heavy duty. Steel Construction. Love.

And about the other orphaned yellow chair left behind? Sticker price $50. Another great deal. Hard to pass up.

Well, I could not justify spending that much on the spot, so I waved a tearful goodbye.

Over the next few days, I wondered about my little orphan. When I was in the area, I casually stopped by to say hello. But, someone was sitting in it. A pregnant girl had parked herself in it, while her dude was rummaging through old records.

And all I could think was "Someone is sitting in my chair!"

I quickly snuck out of there. No way, no how, was I gonna bargain for that chair when someone else was sitting in it. How very awkward. "Excuse me miss, do you plan on buying this chair? Because if not...move it!" No sir.

I fled home and called the store. I had just got some b-day money from my sister Jessica. I offered $40. Shameless. They contacted the vendor.

They called back a few hours later and once again said "YES!"

See? This bargaining really works!

My mom was visiting, so I left the boys with her and drove down to pick up the chair.

Back home, we put my new yellow chair in the corner by my desk.

Hm. Not sure.

After a while my mom piped up, "It doesn't go there. It's height is competing with the orange chair."

She then suggested we swap places with the other yellow chair I had.

Gulp. My mom was rearranging my house. (Hi mom!)

I immediately started giving excuses of why this would not work. Giving her the whole song and dance of how "change is so hard for me" and "I'm not sure I can handle change". Well this lasted a whole 5 seconds before we both realized I was FULL OF IT. If I had a nickle for every time I changed my house.

I hesitantly agreed. My mom, strong as an ox, manhandled these chairs into place, while I helped.

So here is the family room BEFORE swap:

And here it is After swap.

A totally different look.

Very interesting.

The chair reminds me of Jackie Kennedy. It reminds my mom of her Grandma Edith. My sister thinks its from the 50's or 60's. I'm curious. I tried to search the internet, to no avail. Anyone know for sure?

And in context with my other furniture.

I kind of like the vibrant funky pop of color of the other yellow chair better, but the size and scaling of this chair did seem to fit this area well.

I was shocked by the change. I still am. But I think mom is right.

And the other yellow chair is rocking and swiveling, next to my desk.

The scale and ratio seem just right.

So. There you have it. My mom is re-arranging my furniture and I think I like it.(At least for now. Don't hold me to it forever).

And my boys love all the new changes.

I can't tell you how many times they've climbed onto the new chair.

This morning everyone had some chair time, with the sun streaming onto them, illuminating their messy hair.

I think I am now a morning person.

Ok, maybe not, but I can be convinced to get up early to capture some early morning rays.


  1. love love LOVE the chair :)

    (and your whole house, duh)

    how awesome the john is supportive of filling your house with vintage furniture.......i'm still trying to get casey convinced its ok to have old/used things in our home and to delight in the bargains we find :)

    i think i finally have him sold with the mustardy chair (the one in my maternity pictures) after i had him hall it into our car and bring it along to the photo shoot......he was thinkin 'ah haaaa....multipurpose chair, not only for decor, but as a prop too!?!?!' haha........jk. but really. i've had to slowly win him over with the vintage look.

    love me some garage sales. love me some junk.

    davi you are one TALENTED girl.

    and cheers to your momma. love the switcheroo.

  2. I love getting new pieces of furniture! It changes the whole room. You're right about the scale of the new chair. It looks great in the corner. If it were mine I might look for a small table to set next to it and maybe a floor lamp. I always think of decorating as layering one element to the next. I feel sorry for the old chair stuck there in the corner. Good job with the haggling. FYI if you call my store I'm hanging up! Love you girl.

  3. i love the office chair but you already knew that.

    but i LOVE LOVE LOVE the orange chair. it's perfect for you! can't wait to see it!

  4. You're mom was right about the size of the chairs and the spaces they are filling. They both fill their spots perfectly. I agree about the new must be 50s because it reminds me of Jackie Kennedy as well. We toured the Sacramento old Governor's mansion last year and it was filled with furniture from the 50s that looked just like that (well and it also had victorian era furniture).

    Love your mama! =0) Miss her and you guys!

  5. Hooray for Mom! I think this evens up the time when you came over and insisted on rearranging the living room back home. :)
    Looks amazing!

  6. The chair looks awesome. you've got such great style!

    the green chair is excellent too!


  8. Love love love. And that is almost exactly how I pictured the chair LOL

  9. LOVE IT! I wish we had room for a cute yellow chair just like that. Also, can I please hire you to haggle for me? I just CANNOT do it, my mom is the opposite of me, maybe I just hated so much that she did it all the time that I cannot. Boo!

  10. I LOVE your new yellow chair! I want it!!! And it's even more adorable with handsome guys in it. you are such a nice mom to let your boys sit on your beautiful pillows!

    BTW, Noah lives in his Jedi suit! ;)

  11. That is such an awesome deal for that chair! Way to go haggling on it!! I'm always a fan of asking for a lower price, haha!
    I think the chair really does look fantastic there, the height of the windows totally works with the yellow chair, I love it!

  12. Amazingly gorgeous! Love it! Great find!

    Um, and I love your boys too!

  13. awesome design in your house! found your blog through enjoying the small things. i have two boys myself :)

  14. Found your blog via a comment on my friend Marjorie's page and was intrigued by the "band of brother's" tag (My hubby and I loved the mini-series!). Anyway I LOVE your blog, the pictures and your decor style. I totally appreciate the beauty of your space!

  15. love them! I wish my hsuband would let me buy...anything! HA! enjoy!

  16. what a great find! i can't believe you got it for so cheap too! It is so cute and looks perfect in your house!! Now I am inspired to go hunting for awesome deals!