November 2, 2010

thick as thieves

There are just some days(like everyday) when I am sure these 4 little mischievous feet are gonna do me in altogether.

The house is silent, except for the sound of running water.

I rush into the bathroom, because I know trouble is brewing on the horizon.

What are these 2 partners in crime up to now? They are thick as thieves, these two.

Here is our first clue.

(and what is Pluto doing in the background?)

Looks like he is attempting to clean my dirty baseboards.

Ok, back to the crime scene. Soap is involved.

And a CD.
Calvin often washes our disks when they start skipping, and so I am sure Ollie learned this practice from him.

And now Ollie is teaching little Tweetle to do the same.
I love his look of concentration with his open mouth.

And his cute pudgey hand.
Gosh they love this Saturday Night Fever CD. They like to run around the house at top speeds while boogeying to Stayin' Alive.

Happy little twerps. It's hard for me to know whether to laugh or cry from them.

So I laugh. Because it's just water and a CD. No real harm is done.

The boys' bathroom could really use a remodel. I can't believe this 'Bathing Beauties' picture is still here. I think it's been here since before Finn was born?? I'm not sure, but it was back when it was still considered just a guest bathroom.

And the tiny bathroom chandelier would look much better if painted with a fun splash of color. Teal? Mustard? Kelly Green? Yah, I think this bathroom, though used by boys, is gonna stay a guest bathroom so I can redecorate it how I please:)

And speaking of chandeliers. Tweetle is obsessed with the sparkly crystals.

He's a climber and it freaks me out! He sure keeps me on my toes.

But then there are times when Twain and Ollie snuggle onto Ollie's bed and read together. And it is just precious. I am so thankful they have each other. And I am so grateful for the rare times when they are not getting into trouble. As I type, Twain is walking around with one boot on, and one confiscated gram cracker in his hand. Seconds earlier he was dumping salt onto the table. And seconds earlier he had just dumped out a bag of important stuff onto the floor.

And I had some photos of them being sweet and adorable to each other...but these photos just vanished...without a trace. They are gone. There was one particular photo of Ollie where he looked just like a mouse. And it was my favorite picture of him. Because he's my little mouse.

And I cried in my heart when I realized it was gone.

The ironic part is, I was trying to do the responsible thing the other night. Trying to back up my photos on DVDs, in case my computer crashed. So I was deleting all the unwanted photos that I would never use and I'm assuming I trashed some of my wanted ones too. Including my Ollie-the-mouse photo.

I can move on with life and forget about it.


I can download a recovery program and pay a (large?)fee to retrieve my lost photos. I have to decide if it's worth it. In the meanwhile, I'm not supposed to use my computer much...because the more I do, the more likely my photo is forever gone off the hard-drive. So that is why I have been MIA lately.

In other news, we did take some Halloween photos of our whole family this year, but I am thinking we are just gonna save them for our Christmas card this year! Just for a change. It could be fun. At first I felt like it was a silly cop-out idea, but once I realized that our Christmas cards could be done a smidge early, I was sold! Can you believe it's already that time of year again? Yikes. So I shall post our Halloween photos in just a few weeks.

And hopefully I will quickly decide whether or not to buy the photo recovery program. Just for the sake of moving on.


  1. Davi I have mouse Ollie on the digital picture frame. Does that help?

  2. mom, this is a new and different mouse ollie-- i just took it a few days ago. but thanks anyway!

  3. awww :( i hope you get the pics back!!!!!!

    precious make me want about 4 of them..hahahah

  4. Good luck with the photo files. I'd do it, if I were you. I love checking in on you and the boys!

  5. So precious!

    I'm loving the dress you are wearing. Super cute.

  6. what a pretty mama you are!

    great shots!

  7. Aw, bummer about the pic! Hope you can get it back! Also, cute dress! I have the same one and love it! Got it with Jessica a few months ago.

  8. Too funny. Gracie is always playing with water in the bathroom.

  9. I don't know why, but I'm stuck on the Pluto photo. That cracked me up SO much for some reason, lol

    Your boys are the cutest ever. And I really really love that dress you have on! And your hair! And the chandelier. And let's just go ahead and say your whole house because it's pretty darn perfect.

  10. mmm, that's sad about your lost photos. that happened to me once & i cried uncontrollably. tim had to have a "talk" with me telling me how ridiculous i was acting. in the end, we paid to have them recovered. it was a nighmare (mere?) but i say well-worth it in the end.

    so how's that for a story?

    p.s. i agree. your house is cute. even the picture in the bathroom :) oh! & that dress on you too! miss you guys!

  11. Buy the program!
    One of my friends did, and she didn't regret it at all. She said that the relief she got from getting the pictures back was well worth the money

  12. So sorry you lost some photos...any chance of recreating them? That's a bummer dude.

  13. This melts my heart, I remember you wondering what their relation would be like "some day" right after Twain was born. And the best has happened! They are dear trouble makers together, something every little boy needs =) I love love love this!

  14. are you just always the most adorable mommie ever? with four little boys running - you manage to ALWAYS look so stunning :)
    cant wait to see what you do to that bathroom - your whole house is cutie patootie.

  15. OMYGOSH Davi! LOL. My hsuband would flippen kill me if that happend to me!