November 23, 2010

Calvin's big break

I was busying changing Twain's diaper. John was browning some ground turkey for tacos.

And that's when we heard it.

An odd cry. It was loud, squeaky and high-pitched. And strange hyperventilating breathing between each squeak.

Honestly I had no idea who was crying. And I know each one of my boys' cries. This did not sound good.

As I finished changing Tweetle, John announced from the kitchen, "I think Calvin broke his arm. We need to take him to the E.R."

And everything got a little hectic and frantic at that point. John is very mellow and never ever exaggerates, so I felt a bit flustered at his sense of urgency.

Our kids were all over the house...not properly dressed...John loaded Calvin into the van while I just ran around the house, holding Twain, like a chicken with its head cut off.

"John can you take him?", I pleaded. I was pretty grossed out.

John thought he should stay home and cook dinner, but I somehow convinced him that his calm demeanor would be more helpful to Calvin. I went to the van where Calvin was still crying. I kissed my 5 year old baby goodbye and off they went.

I made a few phone calls to my mom and mom-in-law.

Finn dragged me into the scene of the crime, my bedroom. He claimed that Calvin was jumping on my bed and then flew across the room and crashed into our desk.

I was pretty sure Calvin broke his arm because he rarely cries that much. That kid is one tough cookie. He once got violently pelted in the shoulder with a disk on the Frisbee golf course at Hume and had a HUGE bruise on his shoulder. He barely complained. My other children are far more dramatic and would have been wailing uncontrollably, I'm sure.

Then I started cooking dinner with a nervous ball of energy. Should I go to the ER? Am I a bad mother for staying at home? I decided to wait for the news...if he broke his arm, I would head over right away.

I took forever to cook tacos because I could not focus. I just wanted to cry.

Instead I prayed that lil Gege would be ok.

My sweet mother in law, Betty, lives just up the street and she insisted on coming over right away.

I tried calling John but got no answer.

Betty was very cheerful and calm and I started to feel a bit better. She always has a way of de-escalating stressful events.

John called.

The doc did not know if it was broken...they were gonna do an x-ray as soon as the tech arrived. Calvin was no longer crying, so that was good.

I served up dinner and ate a taco. A million thoughts were on my mind. Poor little Gege. I just wanted to hold him.

A heard the garage door open and John and Calvin walked through the door.

Calvin looked very mellow and out-of-it. He had a splint on his right arm.

John said "Oh, I forgot to call...Calvin broke his arm".
I asked Calvin how he was doing and he said "ok" in a bummed-out Ross Geller tone of voice.

He broke his right arm(radius by wrist). I will have to take him in tomorrow to set the break and get a cast on. I am still not 100% certain how Calvin broke his wrist. He claims that he fell off the desk and landed on his arm...he said he was not jumping on the bed like Finn accused...who knows.

I gave him some motrin. He just wanted to sit on my lap. So we sat together for a while, which was very sweet. He will always be my little snuggle bug.

And then after a bit, he wanted to get up and play, and even insisted on helping clean up toys. Seriously Calvin is such a trooper.

Hopefully if all goes well tomorrow, I plan on taking Calvin to Target to get a Star Wars toy.


  1. :( so so sad!!

    Praying all goes well tomorrow!!

  2. Poor babe! Prayers for a quick recovery and no pain.

  3. Oh dear, that's terrible! I bet it hurts you more then him though!

    I remember when my brother broke his arm pretending to be Michael Jordan. We all heard his wrist snap. Yuck.

    Wishing him quick healing!

  4. He sounds like a trooper. My little ones have yet to have a serious injury but I hope I can stay calm when they do...I love that he snuggled with you.

  5. Oh man, how upsetting! I'm so sorry that happened! Poor little Gege. I'll be praying he heals quickly and without too much discomfort.

  6. oh dear gege! and poor mama! hoping for a PEACEFUL thanksgiving for you guys.

    and seriously, calvin is SO going to be the coolest kid cause he has a cast. You wait and see. I forsee lots of "casts" being created in your house in the future. ;)

  7. OH! I am so sorry for you and Gege! Isn't being a mom brutal sometimes!? I have been waiting for the day we visit the ER with broken bones! I say that as I hear one of mine crying! Praying for a quick recoery!

  8. oh gosh, poor guy!! I am not looking forward to the day we have to deal with our first broken bone...I pray we never have to but with the little daredevil that my oldest is I know the day is in my future.
    I pray everything goes well for you guys when you go in to get it set and casted, I think a Star Wars toy sounds like the perfect treat!

  9. lucky guy getting that star wars toy. gotta store that in my memory bank for future breaks. i think scooter has broken more bones and had more surgeries than i can even remember so i'm sure i'm gonna get a rude awakening with any of his children. :) love you.

  10. This is so tragic! But I love how you said in a "Ross Geller tone of voice" LOL I can see it so well. Love you and praying for ALL OF YOU!

  11. poor wittle calvin boy! agh. your first cast as a momma. that's gotta suck big time. a house full of boys is sure to have lots of casts, no? that's not very nice of me to say, but everyone else did, so there.


    give calvin a kiss from his future wife, ellie. or audrey. he can have an arranged marriage. we're cool like that.

  12. OH NO! At least it's not summer and he doesn't have to deal with sweaty cast or not being able to swim. I do agree with Lorie. I bet his cast spurs a ton of creativity from your boys. Is he going to get a permanent cast?

  13. Oh I can't stand it that Calvin broke his arm. He's a tough little guy and will probably adapt well. I'll be praying for him and his parents. Love you all.

  14. such a sad and heart-breaking little story. :(

    I do so hope Calvin is getting along just fine, broken arm and all! and I hope you're getting along just fine too!

  15. have i already told you i love your blog? if not, here it is :)

    happy sunday!

  16. this is the 3rd story in the past week (though i know im reading this late) of a friend's kid breaking a limb from jumping/falling off of furniture. a friend of mine here has 2 year old twins and one jumped off the bed and broke both legs so now her mom has to push her around in a cart! terrible!
    im so glad hes such a trooper and dread the first broken bone i have to deal with!