November 18, 2010

Lost and Found

After getting my big whopping traffic ticket, I pretty much gave up hope of forking over any more money for recovering my Ollie-the-Mouse photo.

I came to terms with the fact that I might never see it again.

I needed to move on.

My computer was(and still is) overloaded with photos.

I began the process of burning photos onto a DVD. Starting with year 2010.

It was dreadfully painful.

As I sifted through folder. after folder. after folder. something interesting caught my eye. A folder entitled Ollie Twain Mickey ears.

I opened the folder.

And there it was folks.

I could hardly believe my eyes.


I know what you are thinking...this girl is crazy. All that angst over this photo?

Um, yah. What can I say. I am his mother. It has sentimental value. I wanted it. It may not seems anything special to anyone else. But it's special to me.

And just to remind myself that Twain and Ollie CAN be sweet as pie, I have included the rest of the photos from the set.

So serious.

Such concentration for my youngsters.

A slight break from their studies.

And back to serious and studious.

I love that these 2 have finally found each other.

And...they are done.
Back to trouble. But it sure was nice while it lasted.


  1. awwwwww!!!!!!!!!

    worth the angst..totally worth it :)

  2. so perfect! glad you found them.

  3. The pudgy fingers and striped legging...the shirt momma made for a trip to Mouseville. Perfect. So glad you found them BEFORE you might have paid to recover them. Thankful for small miracles...times four.

  4. That picture of Twain's little hand on the orange kitty!! LOVE!

  5. oh twain's feetsies are my favorite, just stickin out of those little babylegs, LOVE it :)

    such a perfect little shoot, capturing their innocence, their adoration for each other, and of course in the end their rambunctiousness (ok i didnt intend on making this so wordy)

    all in all. CUTE.

  6. i can't figure out what wall that is? love the pics. they're perfect. love twain's socks.

  7. Yah for finding photos...Yah for you doing what I need to do with my photos...Yah for cute boyness all over your house...Yah for those photos that we love just because we are there mamas!

    Boo...for traffic must be in the air...I got one with two good friends in the car with me heading to Pasadena Flea Market! AH!!!

  8. I think they are precious pics...
    It was so weird looking at them though - it was like seeing old pics of Finn and Calvin...

  9. i cannot believe how big the boys have gotten just since sept!? ollie looks like quite the preschooler now!! miss u guys!

  10. Almost in tears! BEST.THING.EVER! Yay! I can see why you were so upset, those pictures are priceless!

  11. how sweet are your boys?!


    love your blog.

  12. My goodness, how adorable is your family?! These photos are just wonderful =)

  13. these pictures kill me. precious.
    catching up on all your posts is making me sooo want a house full of boys even more.

  14. I can see why you wanted these photos so bad. They are adorable! Those striped cute!!!