February 6, 2011

dump trucks and ruffles.

I happened upon this little scene the other day and for some reason, it just made me smile.

Such a juxtaposition.
The boys' dump truck with my ruffle curtains.
Living harmoniously together.
Just like me and my boys.
I love it.

Always grooming her chimps.

Golly I fuss over their hair all the time. Why??? Do you do that to your sons? I should probably stop, LOL.

So happy together, we are. My mini Valentines.

On a side note: Finn and Calvin like to hook their light sabers into the side of their pants for safe keeping.
It's hard for a Jedi to look tough against white ruffle curtains, but they do their best to overcome these cumbersome obstacles. I figure, one day their future wives will thank me for breaking them in.


  1. oh this made me smile.
    really big.
    it also makes me want to have more boys. all boys.
    boys that can play in my ruffly curtains too :)
    and what the heck, i'm already always messing with romes' hair/face/clothes....... i'm glad it won't go away and i'll be groomin on him forever - i do think their wives will thank us......

    wives?? what??
    you mean, they'll get married??? ahhh, noo!!!!!

    you and your boys are the CUTEST. do they know what a beautiful momma they have??!!!

  2. It's good for boys to be exposed to a little ruffle. Then they won't complain to their wife someday. :)

  3. Hilarious. Scott wears his light savor that way too.

    :) j/k.

  4. Gosh I love your curtains - where did you get them? I think you might have posted about them before but I'm not sure. Your little family is ADORABLE as always. Eeeep!

  5. Love it! Looks like my house...I just pulled a light saber out from under the couch!

  6. I don't know why this made me tear up and smile and laugh to myself, just the idea of a gorgeous mom-with her little chimps and their light sabors. I love it.

    I love that you have your 4 beautiful boys! They bring joy to my heart.

    **love your head band girl. <3

  7. Oh how I love those ruffled curtains :0) and the fact that u have four boys and ur house is amazingly cute and still girly :0)

  8. Love your post as always. I am always wanting to fix Axel's hair, but I do my best to keep my hands off.

  9. My mother in law fussed over my husbands appearance and I am very grateful because he lets me do the same to him. And now I am breaking in my boys . They need lots of help/Q-tips/nail trimmers/hair gel/soap to make them presentable.

  10. God sure knew what He was doing when he gave you a whole herd of boys! You're great at balancing out all the boy with a little "ruffle" :)

  11. I LOVE this! Your boys are so precious!!

  12. I love those curtains! Precious pictures!

  13. Alyssa! I got the curtains at Urban Outfitters. They are not so great quality for the price, but I still like them:)

  14. Love the contrast! Their wives will TOTALLY thank you! ;) Cute valentines you've got there- have a great time celebrating!

  15. hehehe, this post makes me SMILE!! I love it!