February 20, 2011

Did wild boars steal her cookies? Read on to find out.

We tried delivering our white tin of cookies to Kamala(actually starts with a K, not C) one more time.

No one answered the door that night.

So we left it on her door step.

The next morning I drive by and notice the white tin is still sitting on her door step.


That afternoon as I go to pick up Finn, I notice a peculiar thing...the tin is gone!

Can it be?

"Boys! The tin is gone! Either Kamala got the cookies or it was taken by wild boars!" I exclaim.

The rest of the day I send up a prayer for Kamala whenever I think about it.

Yesterday. Lovely Saturday.

We are all at home when we hear:

"Knock! Knock!" at the door.

Finn says, "It's probably Ty or Libby."

I peek through the window and see a dog's tail.


Can it be?

I quickly open the door.

Lo and behold.

There she is! With her dog!


Where have you been all my life, doll?!

She came by to thank us for the cookies.

So much for my wild boar theory.

At first I ramble a bit,
"Feel free to borrow an egg any time!"
"If you need help fixing anything John has lots of tools!"
"If you want to go on a walk some time, let me know!"

Then we chat about life...her job...sewing...the church she goes to...I guess you need to get to know someone so you can get your facts straight, eh?

She asks, "Did you guys knock on my door the other night?"

"Yah, a few times", I reply.

"Oh", she says. "Sorry...I don't open my door at night because I don't have a peep hole. I need to get a door camera."

"No problem", I assure her! "I totally understand! I never open the door at night unless John is home."

She leaves, and I am on cloud 9. Turns out my neighbor is really nice!

An hour later and I hear another knock.

Kamala again!

She asks if I will meet her sister this coming wednesday. Her sister is a stay-at-home-mom to a 2 year old girl and would love to go on a walk with me. Can I meet her this wednesday?

Um, YES! Wow! I jot down kamala's number and we say goodbye.

I close the door, bewildered. I thank the Lord for answering my prayers above and beyond my expectations.

Here I was thinking we'd never make contact and 2 days later we are setting up play dates.

Later that night as we are getting dinner ready, my phone rings.

"Hi Davi, it's Kamala, I just made some red velvet cupcakes, will you guys eat them?", she asks.

"Um, YES!", I exclaim.

"I will be right over" she says as she hangs up the phone.

It's raining.

And Kamala comes over in the rain, to bring us 6 cupcakes.

Bless her heart.

Her gesture is so incredibly sweet and just melts my heart.

Turns out this whole neighbor think can be pretty sweet.

Not once. not twice. But THREE TIMES I got to see Kamala that day.

I am still on cloud 9.

It's a funny thing--waiting on the Lord.

When I finally stopped trying with my own power to make contact, HE opened the flood gates and rained down his blessings abundantly.

All I had to do was hang onto my little mustard seed of faith. It was probably not even a half a mustard seed at that, but God was still faithful.

I just wanted to tell you what happened, so I could give God all the glory, credit and praise for working it out.


  1. This was such an encouragement to read! I'm great at reaching out to the "easy" neighbors, but I really want to work on making an effort to reach out to others like you did. Love this, "When I finally stopped trying with my own power to make contact, HE opened the flood gates and rained down his blessings abundantly." Isn't it so true...

    Thanks for inspiring me!

    P.S. are those wall decals? wallpaper? Or did you photoshop that on there? AMAZING no matter how it was done!

  2. oh Davi... SO cool. This post made me smile in a big way... I LOVE how that worked out! God is so good! ahh, so encouraging. :)

    totally off-topic, but I LOVE the new blog look and new pictures. So fresh and pretty!

  3. tHAT IS SO COOL!!
    YAY for friendly folk!!!

  4. Oh wow, how neat is that?? And I'm with Barbie - what's going on with that amazing-looking wallpaper??

  5. you did not tell me about her yesterday! i'm so excited! i hope i can meet her.
    you inspire me.

  6. So exciting Davi! I loved this post and the new pics are lovely!

  7. Wow, can you believe that actually happened still? That's so neat :)

    And you blog, it changed! Caught me off-guard there, because just 2 days ago I was showing my sister your "gnome blog" haha!

  8. You are such an encourager. And lovely, so lovely.

  9. You inspire me =) And I am dying over the cuteness of the new blog layout! All the hubub for the wallpaper ... SO WORTH IT!

  10. What a great story! That's so awesome! And I LOVE your new header. Those photos are beautiful. The yellow is so cheerful.

  11. love this. i'm smiling ear to ear.

  12. i love this friend!

    and why aren't you a professional blog designer?
    make me melt.

  13. Hi, can I feature your wall paper wall on my weekly surf?

    where'd it go???


  14. oh my gosh, YAY!! I love this story!! It made me excited for how good God is, I love little reminders like this that encourage me that God really is listening to little ol' us :) :)

  15. I love this story! God is good!

  16. oh yiikes!!! this is AMAZING!!!! i love how the Lord totally orchestrated this whole thing out in His own timing :)

    now i'm thinking of making my neighbors (of whom i always feel like i just don't have time to get to know) some cupcakes.

    once again, you've inspired me davi. so thank you :)

    and PS.
    your wallpaper is to die for. the other day i was explaining how i want to paper our fireplace wall as an accent wall he wasn't seeing it, then when i saw your blog, i quickly showed him!!! its so cute. so you.


  17. ok, i totally didn't make sense towards the end of my comment.
    mr leif didn't understand why i wanted wall paper, i told him i wanted an accent wall. he still didn't get it.
    but when i showed him your blog. he, too, thought it was radiant. (although he probably didn't use the word radiant, maybe cool or something like that)