May 28, 2011


I walked into Finn and Calvin's room and this is what I saw:

To the untrained eye, these are just boots...topped with a basket and a tupperware.

But this mama knew better.

She knew, somehow, that these were at-ats.

And for those of you who have NOT watched Star Wars every single day of your life, these are at-ats.

See the striking similarity?

And this, my friends, is no ordinary battle.

This is the famous Battle of Hoth.

The famous battle in which the harpoon tow cables of the snow speeders, takes DOWN the at-ats.

Can you see it now? I know. The resemblance is uncanny.

We are still going strong with Star Wars over here.

A little while ago John took the boys to Target, so they could buy some Star Wars figures with their allowance money.

Finn and Calvin store their money in mason jars but we have not quite upgraded the little brothers yet: Twain's piggy-bank is an empty can of
Rumford baking powder, whereas Ollie's bank is a can of corn starch, ha.

Anyhow, Ollie had been wanting Yoda for some time.

So Ollie bought Yoda and Twain bought R4(like R2-D2, but a different droid. Ok, I'm starting to scare myself with all this trivia).

Let me repeat.

Ollie bought Yoda. Twain bought R4.

Then through a series of very unfortunate events,

it became clear that Ollie no longer wanted Yoda.

It became crystal clear that he desperately wanted R4 instead.
And I have no idea how it happened, but Ollie totally swindled Twain out of R4. Stinker. They swapped and Twain became the proud owner of Yoda.

Don't worry. All the kings horses and all the kings men, put Yoda back together again.

Later that night, Yoda was found{intact} playing a delightful game of candyland.

There is something a
tad disturbing about these star wars pawns invading the whimsical game of candyland, but such is my life with little boys!