May 14, 2011

triple the fun

And today, I am finally posting our Easter celebration! What, you say, Easter is long since past? Ah yes, I can hardly keep up with ya'll!

I am trying my hardest to be more domestic round here. My husband helps out more than his fair share and I am trying hard not to take advantage of his goodness any longer.

I have a whole new level of appreciation for you domestic divas who have been doing this type of wonderful servitude all along...without the help of your hubbies. How do ya'll keep up? I am poooooooooped!

But one thing I can say about all this. I really really enjoy taking care of my home in this way. It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. So if you see late posts like these's a good thing. Really:)

My big excitment this year were the Easter Ewoks.

Can not believe how hard it is to find ewoks these days. The bidding on ebay is ridiculous and ferocious. Ewoks? Really?


Well, even more exciting than my Easter Ewoks was that my whole family was coming up to my house to celebrate.

My sister Jessica dislikes being photographed, but I forced her and Steve to oblige me. Thanks guys.

The 4 little girls belonging to Jess and Steve.

Ansley and Emily on top, Tacy and Kate on bottom. These photos were taken by my sister Lindsay.

Lindsay was also kind enough to take a pic of me and John.

And she snapped Ollie and Calvin as well.

LOVE havin' someone to take pics when I slack.

Lindsay + Jim in all their glowy cuteness.

My big event of the day.

The contestants took their job very seriously.

Emily replicated some engraved flowers she saw on my wooden swing.

Auntie Lindsay helping little Ansley.

The contribution from me and my offspring.

I did most of the bunny...minus the hind leg, which was done by sister Lindsay...who will not let me forget it, LOL.

Lindsay and Jim were such good sports.

Buuuuuut. The winner goes to our resident bird expert, Tacy. She drew a Quetzal. The tail grows up to 4 feet long, ya know.

Along with egg drawing, there was a fierce game of baseball.

above photos of dad and em, by Lindsay

Lots of hanging out. Mom and her twerp.

An egg hunt.

My sister Jessica hid these eggs just for Ollie and Twain. Who, promptly walked right by them, without even seeing them, LOL.

Jessica's girls with their bounty.

Trying, without much success, for that elusive group shot. They enjoy defying my camera to the bitter end.

Along with celebrating Easter, we also celebrated the birthdays of two very special people: Kate and Twain. Kate turned 6 and my tweetle beetle turned TWO!

Alas, my photos of Kate did not turn out:(

But here is one Lindsay took! Happy Birthday to our precious Kitty-Kate!

This has been my very first time celebrating the birthday of a 2-year-old without being pregnant or burping a newborn. I must say, it has been so amazing to really and truly experience the joys of a 2-year-old, without the distraction of a newborn.

above photo by Lindsay

I love everything about this squishy, cuddly, bouncy, silly twinkie-doodle. He truly is the perfect little addition to our family of boys and he holds such a special place in each of our hearts. We love you to pieces tweetle-beetle-twain!