May 9, 2011

i like you because... are never too mean to me.

How is that for a hallmark greeting card? HAHA.That's my Finn-boy(on a side note, we only let him watch half of episode III, and turn it off when Anakin turns evil).

John helped the boys make me some sweet little tulip flowers.

It was so sweet of John to dress the boys up for some little pictures. Thank you John and boys. I love my gift.

Ollie also made me a card at preschool. But he would not let me have it. He said it was his. Little stinker. Got jipped out of my obligatory Mother's day card. It's just wrong. Wrong I say!

Speaking of wrong, Ollie had croup on Mother's Day. We were up with him all hours of the night taking him into the steamy bathroom just so he could breathe. We woke up BEAT. Sometimes, that's just how mother's day goes, eh?

I was so tired, I could have stayed in my pj's all day. But I had sunday school with the 3-year olds. So I got ready and dressed to face my day.

We were going to have some company over for lunch and dessert, but had to reschedule. So I had my whole afternoon free! Bliss!

After church, John let me scoot over to the mall, by my lonesome{insert happy dance}, for a little shopping. My day was starting to look up! First stop was Sephora's for some new foundation. My powder does not work that well on me anymore, so I am trying a liquid foundation for special occasions.

I had 500 points on my reward card, so I got the freebie eyeshadow. I don't even wear eyeshadow, so I'm not sure why I got it. I think I was swayed by the pretty box.

While at the mall, I decided to take a quick peek into forever 21...a few hours later...eek!

After dinner, we quickly rushed out into a nearby empty lot for our 3rd annual mother's day pictures, just minutes before the sun went down. I almost skipped this year because the boys looked like a wreck...but I quickly decided that it did not matter. We threw on some thermals and off we went.

Poor Ollie was completely zoning.

Guess what? I bought some blue toe nail polish at Target for $2.

I think it looks kinda garish on my pale feet. But my friends say it looks cute, so I am keeping it on for now.

The boys wanted to go see the tractor that was in the field nearby.

I am not into tractors at all. But my boys love them. And I love my boys. So there you have it.

And to end my day on a perfect note:

Happy girl! I am a cheat date. All that is missing is the nifty thrifty magical cylindrical ice cream scooper. I asked the cashier if they sold any. She said, "I think we can special order one for around $80".

Tempting...guess I'm not such a cheap date after all, LOL.

I went home dreaming of buying a thrifty type scooper on ebay, and stumbled upon this:

$122.50? Unbelievable! And there is currently a hot bid going on right now for a knock-off for over $100.

FREAKS I tell you.

I joined these freaks on facebook this morning.

Don't mock--I found at least two of you on this site this morning.

Well, I hope you all had a very simple and sweet day too. Special Mother's Day wishes to my amazing mom and wonderful mother-in-law, Betty. You are both soooooo good to me.