December 29, 2011

a misconception of sorts.

Hey everyone! I have 4 fewer teeth, hoorah! We'll chat more on that later. Let's play catch up here, starting with this year's Christmas card.

Some years, nothing unexpected happens.

Other years, my card has some mishap. Like the time my wooden hippie beads got smashed by the post office. When people opened my card, they were met with smashed beads.

"What is this?", they wondered. "Popcorn? Confetti? Corn?"

Oh my. How awkward.

This year I did not really anticipate any major misunderstandings.

Back in October, my darling little sister Lindsay drove to our town to take our photos.

Without much thought, I settled on this particular location. Little abandoned house with a nice porch area to handle my herd of boys.

The following month we went to Mexico.

Then a few weeks later I made up my card.

I sent a draft to Lindsay and asked "Will people think I'm pregnant if I write For unto us a child is Born?" That was my one and only concern. I did not want people to wonder if I was pregnant. Because I am not, ok? Simmer down.

"No no", my little sister replied. "Nobody will think you are pregnant. It's a common Christmas verse".

So that settled that. No misconceptions. I mailed out the card without a single thought in my mind.

That is, until people began commenting that my pictures were taken in Mexico. A overwhelming number of people still think my pictures were taken in Mexico. Someone even asked my MIL if that was my house.

And that is the big misconception of my card, LOL.

"Omygosh!" I texted my little sister. "Do people really think I'm that silly to wear a dress to Mexico????!!!!!!! And then dress my boys up and drag them on a photoshoot????"

I die.

I mean, I know I'm ridiculous and all. And I can totally see how you would think that. But honest. I did not wear a dress to Mexico and drag my kids on a random photoshoot. I wore jeans and yoga pants the entire time.

Plus, our church was very structured with our schedule and I was not able to take one 'whole family' photo because there just wasn't a convenient time to do so.

But. I do realize in hindsight, that my card has a very spanish vibe.

For crying out lout, I wrote Feliz Navidad on the back.

Plus the timing was extremely coincidental. We JUST got back from Mexico, so I can totally see how everyone would think that my pictures were taken in Mexico. HAHAHAHA. Funny. Funny.

But they were not. They were taken here. By my little sister, who did an amazing job of corralling my wild herd of boys. We are no small task to take on. I feel sorry for anyone who has to photograph us.

Here are some other pictures she took of us. Thanks again Lindsay! I treasure them!

John and I always think Ollie looks like a little mouse. Love.

Ollie is perfecting his K. Stew pose. He read my blog and then submitted his photo. He won my little contest. Good boy, Ollie.

Lindsay helped the boys make a cute little teeter-totter out of the rubble.