December 20, 2011

my first instagrams

guess what?

i learned how to do something yesterday.

i did my first instagram.

i know how everyone loves their instagrams round here. so i'm finally one of the kewl kids and can do it. so this is cause for celebration and documentation, right?

i asked some friends the other day how to do it.

and they said it was easy.

so yesterday i downloaded the app thingy and took some (bad) pictures of myself. the photo in the middle is my best k.stew impersonation.

hey. it's harder than it looks. she is a genius with her awkwardness.(you are supposed to look at the ground and pretend you are inspecting ants, FYI. Or you bite your lip and twirl your hair or something. You have to try it too.Then email me your best shot and I'll post the winner next week, k? I am not kidding. I should be kidding, but I'm not.)

my first instagrams, sadly, had no frames. and I was like "what a jip! where are the frames?".

apparently you have to select the frames. and I have no idea what I'm doing and I can't figure out why some filters have frames and others don't.
and these frames are fine and dandy but don't show up on a white blog background, so they are dead to me.

i know you all have a secret on how to get the ivory-colored polaroid frames. and i'm too lazy to figure it out by myself. i would like full instructions hand delivered on a silver platter. or directed to my email. spill the beans.