December 11, 2011

my first silver tip tree!

Do you ever feel like you are moving at a snail's pace while the rest of the world seems to be racing past you?

That's been me lately. So slow at decorating for Christmas this year. We bought our tree last weekend.

Calvin came home from school every day and asked when we were going to decorate the tree.

Day after day...the tree remained undecorated, much to this little boy's dismay.

But he remained hopeful and continued asking. Day after day after day.

In the meanwhile, Daddy helped the boys decorate their little tree while I was gone one night.

I love these little vintage toy ornaments.

And John even plopped down this white tree right onto the middle of the piano, and I have not even had the time to do anything further.

Finally, last night, I decided we could not hold off any longer. Poor Calvin had waited long enough. So I made up a special batch of hot chocolate.

I am kind of allergic to dairy and so this coconut milk is a great alternative.

I think this was the first time I actually got to use these little mugs, so that was very exciting.

Ollie and Twain were very disturbed with the temperature of the hot chocolate and insisted we put ice in it. Apparently they do NOT like hot chocolate. It's un-American, I tell you!

I thought this hot chocolate tasted amazing. And no snot the next day. Yay! (regular milk makes my sinuses run like a faucet).

Finally John got out the lights.

The boys were ecstatic.

We got this singing dog at Festivus a few years back. It's not really Christmas at our house til this dog comes out. Like it or not.

And finally folks, here is my very first silver tip tree!!! Wahoo!
It's kind of like a noble, but has half the branches and costs twice as much. Hmmm. Maybe I'm not so bright.


I really wanted one...and now I finally got it out of my system. I love it because it's easier to hang ornaments, but will probably be buying a noble next year due to the steep price.

Ms. Lorieloo surprised me the the other day with the cute mushroom ornaments. I love them. Thanks so much Loo!

Speaking of gifts. I got these sweet socks as a gift from one of my dearest friends Mel.

I know you are jealous and want them. They are from the grocery store Winco and cost $2.50, if you must. I'm totally saving the striped ones for a special occasion. No lie. I heart them.

And our mantle is pretty much the same this year. Same stockings as last year. But it is sporting a special card from dearest friend katygirl.

She knows how much I love all things awkward. I know it's all the rage to be awkward now, thanks to the awesome K. Stew, but I've always loved awkwardness even before it became trendy. Just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. The more awkward, the better.