March 3, 2012

cafeteria cups

For the last few years, John has been asking me to buy plastic tumblers for the boys and neighbor kids to use. I did buy some from target, but it was time to replace them. And I decided that if I was actually going to pay money to buy any more plastic cups, I would prefer that they would be BPA-free and dishwasher safe, etc...

I really had a hard time finding any here in town, so in December, John sent me a link to

John asked me to buy 4 different color cups. Each boy would get his own color cup to use for the day--to replace this mess that we have been looking at for the past year. This photo pains my eyes.

Seriously this random mess just stresses me out.

The only cups from Kid Smart Living that had 4 different colors that were acceptable to me, come from the Bentley collection. So after much debate I ordered them.

When they arrived, I thought they looked like votives and John thought they look like pots. We were disappointed with their shape, but I still really like the colors and want to use them, regardless of their pot-like essence.

I also ordered a bunch of amber colored tumblers for the neighbor kids to use--they are from the same online site, but are from a different collection. They are called Retro Stackable Plastic Tumblers.

When we first opened the box, my heart sank. They looked more brown than amber. I was just very disappointed that the color was not as pretty as the Bentleys. But the Bentleys are more expensive(not to mention pot-like) and these Retro Stackables are really affordable, and still BPA-free.

My sisters think these Retro Stackables are ugly, LOL. One sister calls them "Straw Hat Pizza cups", while the other sister calls them "cafeteria cups"... the latter I am fine with, ha. I actually like the thought of my kitchen as industrial as a cafeteria. It suits me.

And they are growing on me. I'm starting to think they are super cool in their own utilitarian way.

And I just clicked back on the site and was cracking up when I read the following:
Retro stackable plastic tumblers are the same water and cola glass found in pizza parlors across the country!

HAHA. So my sister was RIGHT. They are found at Straw Hat Pizza.
But we are just gonna call them cafeteria cups, k? This ends my professional critique of cups.