March 26, 2012

hi. my name is davi.

And this is my little kid. Twainy. or Tweedle. Or just Tweeds.

And this little Tweeds thinks he pretttty wise these days.

A few days ago, twain and ollie were being completely wild. I had to settle them down, because things were getting outta control. I said, "you need to settle down or I will have to give you a consequence". Twain looked up at me and said "I'm sorry Davi" {{{giggle, giggle}}}.

Who does he think he is???? He thought he was very smart and funny.

And then I came home from a baby shower one night and overheard Twain saying to John. "Davi's home!"

He sure thinks he's in the know. It's just SO odd hearing my name from him. Because my name is kinda odd as it is. And hearing it from him makes it even more peculiar.
But just so it's clear, Tweeds. To you, my name is mommy or mama. Forever. Ok?