March 13, 2012

a jewelry stand and a box.

This is the sight I wake up to every morning from my bed: I spy a wooden jewelry stand on my dresser.

I realize this jewelry stand is hardly newsworthy. But. If a very pregnant Jessica Simpson wearing 6 inch heels makes Yahoo news...well then...perhaps you can oblige me and take a quick peek at my jewelry stand?

I got it at the Salvation Army a little while ago. I picked it up and was like, "Hm. $2.50...good price...but I might be too lazy to wait in line for one item." I almost put it back. But they were having a sale so it was even cheaper, so I ended up mustering the energy to wait in line for my piddly purchase.

And I'm so glad I bought it. Because it's SO convenient. My jewelry used to get all tangled and lost in my bathroom drawers. And now it's all tidy.

And one thing that IS newsworthy: my dad made me that cool wood box to the right.

It is so perfect and I love everything about it, especially the fun pattern on top. Very fashionable, dad. I actually want to put all my remedies in it one day. It's definitely calling out for the eye of a newt and tail of a dragon.

Thank you dad, for putting so much work and detail into my special box.