March 9, 2012

a highlight!

John and I LOVE hanging out with our parents. They are such delightful peeps.

When my mom comes up and spends the night, it really is one of the highlights of our life. It had been a little while since mom's last visit and so we were super pumped...Here are some highlights.

1. Joyful reunions! I could hardly contain my excitement as she walked through the front door. Thought I might cry. The 3 older boys were at school and so Tweedle and I were the only ones to greet her.

Tweed's hair is getting long.

More hugs as Calvin and Ollie come home.

Picking up Finn at the bus stop for another happy reunion.

Mom and Finn look almost transparent because I snapped the photo through my car window. So kewl.

All 4 kids, happily reunited with Grandma Del. My mom's name is actually Adele. And so you can only imagine what it's like to have such a famous mom all of a sudden.

2. When we walked outside, mom saw John's "garden" and thought she saw a tomato.

Or weeds and a tennis ball. Same diff. Haha. We had a good laugh.

3. SHOPPING! One of my favorite things to do!! Mom needed new earrings at Kohls. My ear piercings have closed up. Rude. So I can only imagine how lovely it is to wear some dangle feather earrings.

Don't ever take your ear piercings for granted. My ears were always allergic to earrings as a kid, so I never got them re-pierced.

4. Watching House Hunters and Property Virgins. I don't get any TV stations since I have no converter thingy. So mom and I jerry-rigged our own little ghetto theatre, on the computer.
Mom just may have created a monster. I could sit and rot my brains out all day watching these shows. But I won't. Just a little. Maybe.

5. Impromptu trip to get some fro yo at Yogurtland! Thanks for the huge treat mom! The place was hopping.

6. Waking up the next morning with Mom. Nothing better than a good spend-the-nighty!

Remember the white cat, Marshmallow? Mom is freakishly obsessed with her.

By noon the next day, mom had to leave...with a kiss and a wave...we shall see her tomorrow at my sister's house. It was the best of visits, one that I will always remember with great fondness.

7. And one low light. As mom exits, an intruder takes her place. The boys scream in horror and look scared to death. They shriek, "There's a weird bug in the curtains!" I stealthily creep up and see a slithery lizard plastered onto my ruffled curtain.
I almost threw up in my mouth. It was completely nauseating.

I had to call my neighbor Patty to come, ASAP, to rescue us from this creeper. Something about the way it just sat there, glued to my curtain, just really skeeved me. I'm still thanking my lucky stars that Patty had the intestinal fortitude to pry this sucker off. {{{shudder}}}