June 21, 2012

just the 2 of us.

oh hai. just hookin' up with the anderson crew for em's embrace the cam dealie today.


i just wanted to say something about this guy.

remember how sunday was father's day?

why yes. vaguely.

while i was visiting my sis at the hospy on sunday, john held down the fort without one single complaint. i said "can we celebrate father's day next sunday?" and he said "sure!", without even batting an eye.

he's amazing like that. and i just want him to know how much i appreciate him. 

i know he's superrrrr bummed that his annual father's day photoshoot got postponed. ummmmm. yah. 

anyhow. thanks honey for being such a good sport. 

and i must say one more thing. while i was down visiting at the hospital, my dad was there.

and he took me to quizznos. my first time there, btw. took me an hour to place my order because there were soooo many choices. did you know about their tasty pesto sauce for their sandwiches? totally worth the hour of indecision. totally. right dad?

i wanted to buy him lunch for father's day but he insisted on buying lunch for me. on father's day. how did i ever get so lucky to have these great guys in my life? i don't deserve it. God is so good. happy father's day poppy.