June 26, 2012


here's what I've been up to lately...you know...when i'm not chasing kitties out of trees and all. (p.s. peach and ollie have made a full recovery, thank you Jesus)

1. watching a LOT of Tangled lately. twain wakes up from his nap with a major storm cloud over his head and begs mama to sit on the couch and watched "tandled" with him. 

i happily oblige. after all, it IS one of my favorite movies. and i DO sound exactly like mandy moore while singing "at last i see the light".

um. that would be false. i can't even keep a straight face for one second. i am the world's worst singer. i literally cringe when i sing in the shower. it's true. so sad, considering how much i love to sing. 

2. we went to visit my sweet new friend sarah, and one of her daughters showed us some of her incredible duct tape creations...purses, wallets, and more.  i was totally impressed. and apparently, so was finn. back at home he started busting out these bad boys like there was no tomorrow.

some of them are a little janky with the coins falling out. 

but i still think they are swell and would totally carry one with pride. i currently carry my {dave ramsey} envelop money in a dilapidated plastic photo file case and sometimes get scornful looks from teenage cashiers at target. whatevs. 

3. every time i pass the fridge, i smile at this rainbow libby colored.

so i decided to color one too.

if anyone can guess the drawing to the top right, then i will buy you a real one. 

4. had fun making some arrows for my arrow-lovin' buddy. i wanted to make real live deadly arrows...worthy of katniss and the hunger games...but alisha said "no" and directed me to this tutorial.

5. doing lots of cleaning and organizing. i especially like to mop with my new bona floor care system. i feel like a school janitor when i stack my chairs on the table.

6. we went to feeding hope on friday.

some of these kids blow me away.

last year, there were these little girls that would bring their little baby siblings with them.  i still have visions of them coming through the door pushing strollers, and feeding them bottles. babies taking care of babies I tell you. 

some of them came back this year. young Aracely came, taking her 4 younger siblings with her. whenever I'm tempted to complain about how hard my boys are, I think of her and all grumbling comes to a complete halt.

i was thrilled to see them all again, thriving. they were so cute i wanted to take them home with me. 

7. i went up to "help" Lindsay and the twins on saturday. within minutes of arriving, i almost caught her house on fire. i put a taco shell in her toaster and walked away. and when i walked back, there were flames coming out of her toaster that went so high, they burnt the bottom of her cabinets. 

i just stood frozen in horrific fascination while mom tried to blow out the fire. i have a terrible head in emergencies. mom unplugged the toaster and jim rushed the flaming toaster outside, until my taco shell burnt to smithereens.

well. that is one way to wake up two sleep-deprived parents. i never saw Jim hop to it so quickly.

honest. i really did mean to be helpful that day. 

the moral of this story: don't put your taco shell in a toaster.

8. i took a speed walk tonight. you shoulda seen me swinging my arms back and forth like a total dweeb. whenever I hear someone coming behind me, i quickly drop my arms back to my side to preserve my dignity--which was completely shattered tonight, as I heard the pitter patter of feet behind me and realized I was being smoked by an old man with a scraggly grey beard. and for the first time in my life, i was totally jealous of an 80-year-old for leaving me in the dust.