June 5, 2012

tid bits.

Can you remember the last time you wore a black shirt? 

I used to wear black all the time in high school and college. 

But then brown took over for a while, then grey. 

I'm always washed out in some dreary shade of heather grey...or worse, yellow. I do not look good in yellow, but I still wear it all the time. I don't know why I do that to myself. 


My parents came over this weekend and my dad was looking so dashing in a solid black shirt, that I decided to wear a black shirt too.

Dad can pull off black better than anyone I know. However, he is part ruffian. So.

mom took the above photos. I heart my papa. 

Had SUCH a great visit with my folks and I never ever wanted them to leave.

We listened to the Oliver soundtrack.

And bbq'd outside. Well, mom did the bbq-ing. I don't know how to bbq. Did you HEAR about that guy who caught on fire from his bbq after applying sunscreen? 

Just observing from my perch on the deck. In my black shirt. Could stay out here all day long.

Actually I was snuggling Twain. He just woke up from his nap with a storm cloud over his head, per ushe. Only mama will suffice. 

Libby took these pictures of us. Thanks Lib!

Libby is our 10-year old neighbor. She hung out with my folks too. Ya know. Just part of the fam.

She hangs out with us every day. She is my little buddy. When I sit out in the sun with my pasty skin and inform her that "I'm getting my vit D"...she doesn't even bat an eye. She just smiles and chatters on and on. Kids can be so great like that. 

Dad entertained us by playing with Peach. Seriously. This kitty is so spoiled. She has lots of visitors and playmates.  

She then fell asleep while praying. This kitty just dozes off amongst whatever the boys are doing. She insists on being a part of their activity.

No lie, my floors are a scattered mess of legos all day long. And nerf guns. Watch your step. And try not to squish Peach. I accidentally stepped on her the other day, and Ollie will never let me hear the end of it.

Perched on the piano. 

There are certain times of the day when she just turns wild. There is a blue jay that taunts her outside the window every day and she cannot wait to pounce on him.

Here is Calvin's first drawing of Peach. 

Uncanny resemblance eh? Love.