September 12, 2012

fashion vs. furniture

A little while ago, I got to visit my younger sister Lindsay, and her twinsies.

She has the most amazing contraptions in the world, for her twinsies.
These rockers are called Rock-N-Play by Fisher Price.

Where on earth was this contraption when my babies were born? I shake my fists at you Fisher Price!

Seriously though, my babies wanted to be held all day long and these v-shaped rockers would have been a life saver for me, because they snuggle the baby for you.

They are light weight and can easily be moved to and fro thoughout your casa.
They fold up so you can take them on the go. And I love how the color just blends in with everything.

Little twinsies are gettin' nice and plump. Garsh I love them.

James and Savannah at around 2.5 months. Or Amigo and Goo. Same diff.

And if we are feeling extra fancy, Savannah goes by 'Vanny-goo'. Yah. I never saw that one coming.

I got to help with the feedings and burpings, and even changed a diaper or two!

I think the burping of twins is probably one of the most challenging aspects. Back in my day, I could barely remember to burp ONE baby. It is just so tedious. So when I would forget to burp the twinsies, I would get in trouble with mama. Sorry Lin. But we survived, despite my burping failures.

We even went out to dinner and walked around the mall, with babies in tow.

We stopped at Frannie's(Francesca's) and saw a cute dress on a mannequin. I was like "I want, I want!"

So Lindsay and I both ended up squeezing into a dressing room and trying on dresses together. I grabbed 2 dresses. The first dress was white crochet/lace on the outside and green underneath. It did NOT look good on me. Lindsay said, "It's too short!" I had not even noticed. I was completely horrified. I mean, what else have I been wearing that is too short?

But that's what sisters are for. They tell you the truth when no one else will. I'm extremely thankful for both of my sisters and consult them whenever making "clo" purchases{clo=clothing in sister talk}. And with the advent of the iPhone and texting pictures, it has taken our shopping to a whole new level of awesomeness.

The next dress I tried on was the one I saw on the mannequin.

I really liked it. And it was not too short. Win-Win!

Except for the fact that I had no money. Wah-wha-wahhh...goes the sad trombone.

Lindsay to the rescue! "Hey Dee, do you want a cash donation for your couch for your birthday, or do you want me to buy you this dress?" she asked.

My eyes lit up and I said "The dress of course!" When it comes to fashion vs. furniture, I have to say that fashion wins almost every time.

I then reasoned that I would use next months 'clothing money' to purchase the dress and would put that same amount into my couch fund...Shenanigans always. John thinks I launder money. So not true.

Though the cash transfer to the couch fund never ended up happening because mama used the money to buy boots instead. Whoops. Hey. It's mama's birthday month.

I couldn't wait to wear my new outfit to the Elephant Bar last night. I don't get out much, so this was exciting.

To the left: Looking so awk, I am cringing. But I did not want to bother Finn with any more photos. And to the right. I cannot stay serious for too long and so I broke into the curtsy lunge as a coping mechanism.
Dress(yellow on top, blue with gold sparkle dots on bottom): Francesca's
Belt: Franncesca's
Shoes: Tom's desert wedges. Loriloo saw them first so she gets finder's credit. And she was so cool when I copied her. So thanks Loo.

a little side tangent.
[That is one of the things I have learned from Lorie over the years. She doesn't care about silly stuff like me buying the same shoes. In the past, I'm ashamed to admit that it kinda bothered me if someone bought the same thing I had. So ridiculous. A while ago, I realized that the desire to be unique can be an idol which I no longer want to carry. And it's selfish. Not to mention it's just more fun to share and be at peace with your brothers. Today while I was sitting in my new Precepts bible study, reading through the book of I John three times, I had an 'aha' sort of moment. In this book:

we are warned against loving the world. 
and we are commanded multiple times to love our brothers. 
if we hate our brothers we don't know God. 
and in the end it warned to guard against idols.

So this is a silly extrapolation about shoes. But bear with me. If I love my worldly stuff too much----->it becomes an idol----->and it may get in the way of loving my brothers. So let's hold loosely to our stuff/ideas/creations/style etc... It can be fun to make purchases, but people are more important.]

Moving on.

This is my new favorite belt. All my other brown belts are DTM(dead to me).
And I seriously think you all need one like this.

So. Due to the purchases of the aforementioned clothing, my couch fund may have taken a little hit...but John was SO sweet and generous to give me this couch donation for my birthday.
He is so cute. He even got the couch drawing pretty close. Though honey, we are not buying a black couch. A grey or pebble color would be preferable.

And I have no clue how I started talking about baby rockers and ending up talking about shoes and couches.


  1. I saw your shoes, and exclaimed to Trevor "Those are my wedges!! She has my wedges!!" I don't actually own them, but i've been seriously pining for them since they came out. And now you have them. Which makes me wish I was your neighbor so I could swap shoes with you. Which you probably don't do with your neighbor, so whatevs. But maybe we would if we were neigbors?
    I love the dress. (your awkward poses made me giggle)
    Oh, and I hope your boys are doing well and that you're still sane. Kick that HFM in the shins!
    Oh, and also...ADORABLE twinsies!! Goodness, so so so cute.

  2. Hello! I'm a fairly new reader and I just wantedd to say that I love your posts- they always make me laugh :]

    1. Hi Liz! Thanks for popping your head in to say hello!

  3. oh, the twins are so cute!!! i totally want one of those rock-n-plays for my next baby. they are awesome!

    i could not help but laugh at the part where you were mentally moving money here and there to make your dress purchase and couch savings work. that is so ME!! ha! i am so glad to know i'm not the only one that does this!! i really love the way your family budgets money. my family needs something like this desperately!

  4. Cutest dress ever! On a very cute girl :)

    The twins are SOOOO precious! Makes me ache for the days when mine were itty bitty.

  5. You're too cute. This post cracked me up.

  6. The little twinsies are SO adorable and those rocker things are very cool! Definitely could've used one of those myself.....
    Love your new dress! I would've chosen that over a couch too. :)

  7. i would die to go shopping with you today.

  8. Hi, this is my first time saying hi! I enjoy reading your blog & have feel completely in love with your wallpapered wall. {I even pinned it!} Do you mind telling me where you found it? I'm trying to fix up my basement & would love a large print of some sort down there. Thanks, I would appreciate it. Have a wonderful day.

    1. Hello Honeybee! Thanks for popping by! I got the wallpaper at anthro. It was kinda pricey and it took me forever to save up. Are you sure you want to banish it to your basement, lol?

  9. love, love, love your posts. they make me laugh every time. thank you. :)
    oh, and i agree, the iphone has opened a new consolable world of shopping with my sis who lives across the country.

  10. kids (and parents) are spoiled nowadays, lol. i always see new products and think the same thing...where the heck was this 12 years ago!

    loving your outfit and that fabulous wallpaper. worth every penny!


  11. those babies are scrumptious.
    and i think it was well worth waiting a little longer for the couch.
    that dress was made for you. and yes, i think i really, really need those shoes and belt.
    thanks for "sharing" :)

  12. cute twins!! oh and i LOVE that yellow wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. twiiiiiiiiiiiiiiins!! be still my ever loving heart. they're eatable. NOM. i miss my baby twins. waaaah.
    your commmmmmments!!! YAYAYAY!!! i'm happy :)
    that outfit. OHBOY. i have a navy polka skirt too & it's my very fave to wear right now.
    and what in the heck is frannies? help a sister out.

  14. i can leave comments again! yay! your niece and nephew are SO cute! im so glad everyone is healthy and feeling better! and i love your dress AND i wish i was doing precepts with you again like we did 5 years ago! how crazy is it that it was 5 years ago?! xoxo

  15. i have to find this "francesca's" you speak of :) i love your shoes!

  16. okay, where is that belt from?! gahhhh! i love your posts and totally going to look for those sleepers for our baby next month :)

  17. what the?
    everything is from francesca's, yo!
    ha ha ha!
    i should just answer all your q's, dontcha think?
    love the dress.
    so cute.
    and i'm so like you... let's show everyone my cute stuff...
    oh wait, awkward... how do i pose?!
    you look darling though.
    and i have to say, i've been the same way about uniqueness to my wardrobe, etc.
    i always thought it was sorta fun to look different than everyone else but reading your post is giving me a kick in the face.
    in a good way. ;)
    so thanks!

    where are you getting your couch from?
    inquiring minds want to know the deets.

  18. hi stephanie! i'm not sure yet where i'm getting my couch. i like the modern style couches that are straight edged and have metal legs. So i guess it's more accurately a mid-century modern style. kinda like from mad men. some refer to it as a florence knoll style couch--not gonna pay for the real deal. just a knock off, somewhere.

  19. AW! Paul should consider contributing to a couch fund for me! Maybe I will have him read this post.:)

    Love the belt...maybe I'll copy you. hee hee!