September 20, 2012

I said I'd never get a cat--part deux

The excitement in this house is electric, I tell you. Electric!

Like Christmas on your Birthday at Disneyland kind of excited.

Our one and only family  trip to Disneyland.

What could be the cause of all this commotion?

Only ONE thing could cause such a stir.

Monday night I was at Stbx when I got a text from John.

"we have kittens", 

it read, with a blurry photo of a staggering kitten blob near our back deck.

And no, Peach did not have kittens. She was spayed a while ago.

I thought nothing of it and continued sipping my iced salted caramel frappuccino(cookie crumble frapp is waaaaay better, btw).

"How are we gonna find a home for this critter?", I sighed. And "Who is gonna want that fur ball?", I wondered.

Little did I know the spark that had already started at our back door and was blazing to the neighbor's house. 

I opened the garage door back at home at 10:30pm.

I walked into Twain and Ollie's room. Twain was up in bed waiting for me to get home, as is his custom. That boy sweats me out, every time I leave. Besides. He was wide awake from the events of the evening.

"We have kitties under our det(deck)" he could barely manage to squeak out. He then proceeded to ramble at top speed about said kitties.

I stepped out our back door, onto the landing of our deck. John sat outside, with a bowl of milk and kibble, of course.

Slowly, a little kitty head began to tentatively and cautiously emerge from under the deck.

At the first sight of this little Siamese face with pointed ears, I completely lost it and started to squeal in another octave. And baby talk. I vaguely remember lots of incoherent baby talk.

"Can we keep one, can we keep one?" I asked, jumping up and down.

I was in complete and total awe that this striking fancy-pants kitty was under MY cozy deck. How on earth do things like this happen to such ordinary folk as ourselves?

"We must be the chosen ones", I declared.

At this, John is now staring at me like I have horns growing out of my head. "Where is my wife and where did you put her??!!" John demanded.  

This is a legitimate question. How on earth did I go from utterly disdaining the idea of having a cat, to begging my husband for another one?" 

This is how.

How am I supposed to resist this little face??? And four kitty-crazy little boys???

And to think. Just this last post, Ollie was chattering about naming a new kitty when he was 6. Ha. Guess the joke is on me.

Another little Siamese emerges. Twinsies!

Followed by a solid black kitten. Why hi there, little fellow!

They are still a little skittish, so this footage was incredibly difficult to come by. They kept running away.

Three little kittens. Such a surprise.

Earlier that evening, Libby and Ty were over and went wild over these kitties too. Before long, baby sister Josie and mama Cynthia came over to see what the fuss was all about. Apparently they used to own a cat that looked like these lil Siamese kittens. "They are point cats with point coloring", Cynthia explained. They were as smitten as we were.

I went to bed with a smile on my face over this unexpected turn of events.

It was dark the next morning, and I awoke to Finn's face hovering over my own.

"Mom. Did you know that we have kittens under our deck?" he asked incredulously.

"Why yes!", I answered, popping out of bed and racing Finn to our backyard. Finn was already fussing over food for the kitties.

Back inside, Calvin comes up to me breathlessly. "Mommy. Did you know we have kittens?", he asked with stars in his huge brown eyes.

"Oh yes dear, isn't it grand?", I answered.

He nodded his head and could scarcely say another word from the sheer thrill of the anticipation of the excitement.

We bundled into the van, chattering nonstop about kitties, on our way to school.

But back at home, the biggest {little} surprise of all was waiting for me under the deck...

To be cont.


  1. oh my gosh they are SO CUTE. i squealed a little at that first picture, those beautiful eyes!

  2. Oh hooray!! I was going to call you to hear about all the excitement and then I check the computer and here it is! So thrilled! And so ridiculously cute. Can't handle it! Must go re-read.

  3. So stinking cute. I wouldn't be able to say no to those faces... Or your sweet boys. Can't wait to read the rest :)

  4. That's the best!!! Siamese kittens are my fave! Such a fun day for all! Now let's hear those names! ;)

  5. Breaking this at first I was like oh no, going to be a problem. Then I saw those kittens and almost died! So, so cute! I want, I want!

  6. i am not a cat person.
    i am really not an animal person.
    but romes knows every animal sound, and the moment we walk outside, he's hearing birds, and dogs, and looking around for "titties"
    yes. titties. it's his word for kitties.
    and so, sweet davi. i secretly wish we had a fenced in backyard, and then maybe we could ease into becoming pet people.
    you know, first letting them live outside, and then maybe someday, allowing for joint custody of them inside, shared of course with the great outdoors?
    what IS IT about seeing your kids' eyes light up, and then you wanting to do anything to keep lighting them up? even if it means getting a titty?
    HA. i can't believe i just typed that T word three times.
    i feel naughty.

    ok. goodnight :)
    part two tomorrow?? oh please?????????!!!!! you can't keep us hanging with these cat cliff hangers!!

    1. hahaha, Twain calls them that too...he cannot pronounce his 'k' sound either but i could not pull the trigger on writing it out, lol.

  7. I am NOT a cat person.


    my favorite cat growing up was siamese.

    I am smitten as well. Please tell me you're keeping one of the twinsies.
    for my sake ;)


      better late than never, haha.

  8. This is so funny! I can hardly wait to hear the rest of the story. I laughed out loud.

  9. Love this post! This kitty is basically the cutest that there ever was.

  10. LOVE your new blog design, davi doo.
    and i must tell you, i can't even read this post.
    skipped right to the comments.
    i loathe cats that much.
    now i will have nightmares, amen.

    1. thanks miss molly moo. i have to tell you something. i'll message you.

  11. what a cute cat!

    i am not a cat person.

    but four years ago, we took in two adorable orphaned kittens.
    husband's idea, obvi. i loved them though! and they were the sweetest cats i've ever known.
    we named them nixie and silas. we only had them a year. when we moved across the country, it was time to let them go to another home. ha. traveling with cats isn't on my bucket list.

  12. I am not a cat person either, but how can anyone not be a kitten person? so cute! I keep seeing all these ridiculously adorable kitten pictures, and I want one so bad. But then I have to remind myself that we just got a puppy 4 months ago, and she is more than enough animal to take care of. and then there is the litter box... our home is just too small to house a litter box. So funny that I'm dying to hear the rest of your story! ha.

  13. I just died. How can you keep us all in such suspense????????????? :)

  14. I cannot take the suspense - so not fair! Oh dear, I am not a cat person either and I am so allergic to them, but it would be all over for me if I saw those little faces. Beautiful, adorable little things!

  15. really? are you really leaving us in suspense like that?!?!? Gah!