September 30, 2012

the fair and stuff.

This week was a first for me and the two younger boys: we went to the fair with Ollie's preschool.

In all the 10 years+ I have lived in this town, I have never gone to the fair.

The fair is kind of a big deal for the natives around here. So I was interested to see what the fuss was all about.

On the way in the van. "Mommy, mommy! What's the fair?", two little boys asked.

"Well, we are going to see animals", I answered.

"Oh, are we gonna see kitties?", Ollie asked.

"Hahaha. I don't think so Ollie", I answered. Oh boy, I hope we are not in for a big disappointment here. Kitties. At the fair. Can you imagine?

MOOOOO. We def saw cows. Lotsa preggo cows right here.

Excited to pet the little brown cow. I am amazed that these cows put up with little kids petting them all day. They are so docile.

 Later Twain told me that his favorite animal at the fair was the "brown tow"{brown cow}. We only saw around 4 farm animals that day.

Throwing balls at the speedometer.

This Bernoulli Blower kept the boys occupied for an hour.

It was hot.
I was getting tired pushing the double stroller.
It felt like I had heat exhaustion.

I desperately needed a lemon slushy to revive me.

Dear friend and neighbor Patty was with me, and so we went on a wild goose chase for lemon slushies. We did not find any lemon slushies, but we did stumble upon some deep fried Kool-Aid and chocolate covered bacon.

Carnival people are a peculiar lot. As if Kool-Aid were not healthy enough. Let's deep fry it!

We eventually found a vendor willing to sell us flavored shaved ice for $4.50 each cone.

I actually stood there for a minute looking over the flavors.

My brain might have been deep-fried from the heat, but there was no way I was gonna fork over $13.50 for 3 cones of flavored ice. I think I would have gladly paid that much for lemon slushies though, lol.

As Patty sat their pondering, I said "No way Jose! This is high-way robbery!"

Patty said, "You are right. We could buy a can of frozen juice for 98 cents at winco".

"I kinda feel like a cheap-skate", I told Patty. "Maybe I would pay such high prices at Disneyland, but not at the fair".

Patty totally made me feel better by saying, " are just being a good steward of your money".

We decided to snap a few pictures before we hit the road.

A little too sunny.

So we put on our shades.

We are outta here! See ya later fair. We thought you were totes adorbs, but unless we save up or strike gold, we will not be seeing you again til next year.

I was extremely consoled by the idea that the money I saved on shaved ice was much better spent on 8 new plates from Target.

It's Lorie's fault. She texted me a pic of these plates. Molly June has them too. From the Curiosity shoppe.

They go perf with the arrow salad tongs from Olive Oyl, and the fabulous table runner that Lorieloo made me. Thank you Looloo, for slaving over little itty bitty triangles in such a fun native pattern!

I smile whenever I see the little ensemble. I can use these plates for Thanksgiving and pretend that we are hungry pilgrims living off the land. Ya know. Shooting our bounty with bows and arrows.

Or I can use them for Christmas and pretend the triangular patterns are Christmas trees. And of course I can also use them for every day use too.

So. In sum.

The fair was cute but the food was kinda pricey{Some booths are fundraisers and I can totally deal with that}. And they really ought to sell lemon slushies.

Target is my BFF. I love their new Curiosity Shoppe.

And just out of curiosity. Do you have a fair in your land? Do you just fork over the big bucks? Do tell. I won't judge--I really want to make it work next year. Perhaps just bring the older boys and go at night for the rides. And buy them the wrist band for multiple rides and maybe a funnel cake.

p.s. I am simultaneously fascinated and terrified by the ferris wheel.


  1. yes!
    we have a fair.
    the food is totally highway robbery.
    it's true.
    but we save our coins and make a "day" of it.
    we go late afternoon and get wristbands for the girls.
    we let them go hog wild on rides.
    get them gross food...
    and us, good food cart stuff.
    then let them go on more rides...
    pony rides...
    play some awesome carnie games for ugly stuffies.
    you know.. the uje. (usual)
    it's all good.
    and i justify it b/c it is only once a year.
    and we all have fun laughing.
    enjoying it all!
    in our sugar induced highs from all the mini donuts!!!

  2. I love you.
    I'm glad you love your runner.
    I want those plates.
    but am trying to be a good steward ;)

    the fair is stupid expensive.
    we've gone the last few years.
    we never ride the rides.
    I prolly would but the hubs is anti.
    I was seriously tempted to try the deep fried grilled cheese.
    but settled for a corn dog.

    my caramel apple was to die for.

    the end.

    oh wait, I was sorely disappointed we didn't see any cow deliveries.
    every year we luck (???!!) into seeing some of the nasty and this year nada.

    I love you.

    1. aw, love you so much looloo! and yes, i absolutely love and admire the runner you made me:)

  3. yes we have a fair.
    no, i do not go.
    i think it is way overpriced plus i dislike carnies.
    my husband loves the fair and is always wanting to go.
    i think when the kids are older i will send them with their dad and have a spa day!

    love those plates!

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  5. the only fair i've been to is the iowa state fair (on the list of top things to go to or something) and while it was quite amazing to look at (read: a cow carved out of butter!) even the rides were expensive. and the food. ridic. who eats fried butter? and fried koolaid? that's one i've never seen before. we've never gone back, once was good for us.

  6. My family would go when my sisters and I were younger (old enough to ride by ourselves and young enough to want to go on rides) and a lot of times we would get the bracelet because all the "cool" rides require half your tickets and most of your soul...the only fair food we always got are the scones; they're a tradition here in the NW. Fair scones with raspberry jam...get a baker's dozen and that was our lunch and dinner for a fam of 6! :)

  7. Ah! I love Curiosity Shoppe! I got some gift boxes and tags...I love them...I am still contemplating a mug to add to my cool mug collection that I started because I am the only one who drinks coffee around here so I figured I should have mugs that make me smile.

  8. We love the county fair in the town where we grew up. Fortunately it's only 45 minutes from where we live now. It is in the forest, so it's a nice place to go with shade and tall trees. (Though, this years it was stinking hot). We go every year. Ram and I made it a family tradition to go and eat the fair food (expensive as it is, all of the food sold is fundraising, so we indulge in corn dogs, cinnamon rolls and a few other things each year). Then, we take our photos in the black and white photo booth. We have one from every year we have been a family. Whenever I am pregnant, we make sure I'm standing up in one of the four shots to get the baby in there. This year, it was Me, Ram, the two kids and an one giant 8 month pregnant belly squeezed into that booth. Our kids are still small, so we don't have to spend money on rides, but it still costs a pretty penny for our day of fun. It's worth it to us, but I feel you on the cost of a shaved ice.

    1. wow, in the forest???!!!! i bet you could get fantastic photos! sounds like the cutest tradition. and yes, it's always more bearable to pay when it's for a fundraiser!

  9. First of all: the best photos ever! I could look at your pictures all day.
    Second: fun fair! I think the kids enjoy it, even if you don't pay the big bucks for expensive shaved ice. I love going to fairs, even if just for one day.
    Third: umm, your kids are adorable.
    Fourth: i am in love with those plates!!! So fantastic!

  10. we saw the tail end of the cow birth and the boys were fascinated by it. mostly i think they were fascinated that mommy was eating all the placenta off which i tried not to think about too much. i only go to the fair when i don't have to spend a single cent for parking or entry or food. i love the animals. the carnies terrify me.

    happy you got to try it out at least once! it really is fun. when it isn't 117 degrees outside... :(

  11. Jim and I went to the famous Calvaras County Fair in Angel's Camp. Its home of the Worlds Greatest Jumping Frog Competition. It's were Mark Twain got his start. I loved it! We ate corn dogs, corn on the cob, lemonade and funnel cake, as you do. I rode a Ferris Wheel for the first time and thought it was very exciting, though I have to say, the whole situation is pretty expensive! And yea, its key to go in the evening when the atmosphere is more fun. Love that Twain and Ollie had such fun with the Bernoulli thing and those kitchen goodies are so stinkin cute! Love!

  12. Your little guys are so crazy cute! Love you're blog, makes me excited to be Mama someday:)

  13. I'm swooning over those plates. The whole ensemble is fab.

    The fair! I just wrote about a trip to ours....and my love/hate relationship with it. My Josiah is in love with the animals so we go each year. It's growing on me? Maybe.

    Your boys are so precious, I could eat 'em up.

  14. um, i could not find those tongs any!where! i searched. and searched. every gosh dang target around. darn those arrow tongs. they're SO CUTE. i dream about them ;)